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Spice Factory was a production company created by producers Michael Cowan and Jason Piette in 1996, based in Brighton. The company specialized in acquisitions of international productions, along with producing independent films. Early on the company co-produced films with Great British Films, whom they shared the same headquarters with. Cowan and Piette would become directors at the management division of MoVision Entertainment, whom would co-produce the company's films from 2002 to 2005. In 2018, following a decade long dormancy after the release of their last film, the company closed following an investment scandal between Cowan and Steven Wilkinson.[1]

1st Logo (1999-2008)

Visuals: On a black background, a thick white circular outline zooms out. Within the white portions we see images of what appears to be a filmstrip and other abstract shapes. More pieces zoom out and they form a rhombus, with the abstract shapes becoming visible and resembling the inside of a movie projector. The words "SPICE FACTORY" fade in below.


  • Early on, the logo was entirely still and set in solid white. The company name was written in a stretched stylized font with "THE" above it and "LTD" in the "Y". It either appeared during the credits or, occasionally, at the start of a movie.
  • When the logo debuted, the rhombus was turned 90 degrees to the right and the "THE" was moved to the top left of the bottom text
  • At the end of Out of Bounds, the logo is encased in a white box, with the colors inverted.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A faint droning synth chord, with a muted reprise.

Audio/Variant: On at least one film, it uses two windy synth tunes, ending with a muted reverb.

Availability: Appeared on Jericho Mansions, The Last Sign, Guy X, and Undertaking Betty (aka Plots with a View). The early variant seen on Out of Bounds, Black Plague (aka Anazapta), Mr. In-Between, An Angel for May, and Taking Sides. It debuted at the end of New Blood. This doesn’t appear on Merchant of Venice or The Secret of Moonacre.


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