South Wind Film Production

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Logo (1982)

Visuals: There is a rainbow light flashing the screen, which then dims down to see a green closeup of the logo trailing, which zooms out to the screen to reveal a black background, then a white lines is drawn, forming the cobra/snake-like "SW" logo/emblem which then turns into green/white parts "W" rest in white as a logo part. Then, a red Chinese characters zooms out and then followed by white English company name also zooming in. The rest of the background then turns into a red/violet sunburst-like background with a black borders behind it; Then, the logo and the company names fades out rest for the background, which disappears to the opening theme of the movie.

Technique: A mix of camera-controlled animation and cel animation.

Audio: Starts with a whooshing sound, followed by "Blaze of Brass (c)" by Cecil Milner.

Availability: Seen on Behind the Storm.

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