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Source is a 3D game engine developed by Valve as the successor to their original GoldSrc engine, introduced in June 2004. Source does not have a concise version numbering scheme; instead, it is designed in constant incremental updates. It is named after Half-Life: Source, the first game by the corporation to utilize the engine.

Logo (June 1, 2004-)

Visuals: After the Valve logo, there are the words "powered by" on top of "source" in white, with an orange symbol resembling a part of the Half-Life 2 logo surrounding the "e" and copyright notice below.

Variants: On console versions of Half-Life 2, the logo does not have a copyright notice.

Technique: A still, digital graphic.

Audio: The final seconds of the Valve logo, followed by silence.

Availability: Appeared on all games by Valve since Half-Life: Source.

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