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SlivkiShow is a Russian-speaking Ukrainian YouTube channel with over 20 million subscribers, created by Yuriy Yaniv. It's best known for its lifehack, unboxing, or other interesting videos.

Logo (2016-2022)

Visuals: In a room, the text "Slivki Show" made out of a cardboard, slides in from the left on a table. A hand occurs and adds whipped cream to a text, going from left to right. A Yuriy Yaniv's cat, Cookie, appears, and starts licking the whipped cream.


  • Sometimes, there's "Penka Show", a shaving cream and instead of a Cookie, there is a man, who would later spit it out and hit the table, shouting "С*ка, это пенка для бритья!" making the words fall.
  • A chick or a magnifying glass may slide in from the right or below.
  • In the start of the intro, Yuriy would bring the words, Cookie, and shake whipped cream.

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: A whoosh, a sound of whipped cream being added, and a sound of a cat licking.

Audio Variants:

  • Instead of cat licking, the famous meme "om-nom-nom" can be heard.
  • Sometimes, Yuriy Yaniv is accompaining the sounds.

Availability: Seen on every SlivkiShow video from 2016 to 2022, the most popular of them being 7 ЛАЙФХАКОВ КОТОРЫЕ УПРОСТЯТ ЖИЗНЬ КОТА!.

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