Sinai Productions

From the Audiovisual Identity Database, the motion graphics museum

Logo (1980s)

Visuals: Cutting straight from a stock animation of a cheaply-animated vortex (which also appears on the Videoland logo from the same country), there are two red bars covering a picture of a hand-drawn mountain on a desert from the vertical sides. The bars then move away, change their colors to blue and reveal the logo, in which the mountain has a ring of stars over it (a-la Paramount), and the Hebrew text and English translation "SINAI PRODUCTIONS" below it, both in yellow. The warning text then appears and scrolls in front of the logo. The two bars come back again after the warning screen, both now in blue, and cover the whole screen. Yellow Hebrew text (which translates to "ENJOY WATCHING") then appears on the center.

Technique: Grass Valley 300 production switcher effects.

Audio: An euro-disco guitar and synth riff that segues into a female vocal chorus, stolen from the Dance Remix of "Boys In Black Cars" by Roxanne.

Availability: Check low-budget VHS tapes from Israel.

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