Sin City

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Sin City is an American pornographic film studio founded in 1987, owned by David Sturman, the son of Reuben Sturman. In 2007, they signed an exclusive contract with Tory Lane to perform in and direct firms, then left the contract early in May 2008. The company was shut down in 2013.

1st Logo (Early-Late 1990s)

Visuals: On a space background, the screen zooms in pass the stars as a pink heart with a silver metallic snake coiled around it, with a large clear banner over the heart that reads "SIN CITY" in metallic writing. The logo shines.

Variants: Later on in the late 90s, a URL appears at the bottom.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: A relaxing '80s smooth jazz theme dominated by a synth electric piano. A saxophone riff then follows as the logo fades out.

Audio Variants: Sometimes, it’s silent. Later on, a techno tune.

Availability: Seen on their adult tapes at the time.

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