Silver Bird Films Ltd.

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Logo (December 12, 1985-1989)

Visuals: Over a starry background, a set of four trailing lights - pink, yellow, red and cyan respectively - shoot into a center and merge, creating a brief flash. A neon-like white seagull emerges from that flash and flies forth into view, moving up and coming back from the right as a rainbow trail appears behind it. The seagull flies into the top-center and flashes, turning the background into plain black as it turns into a 2D drawing of an stylized "S", with two small bars seen at the right. A flare emerges the red Chinese text below, moving left to right, as a flash appears behind. "Silver Bird Films Ltd." trails in thru a light effect, while a star quickly flashes at the right of the logo.

Technique: Traditional animation and Scanimate.

Audio: A triumphant fanfare with an explosion, synth sounds, and a ding.

Availability: Seen on some movies like How Are You My Friends, The Kinmen Bombs, The Seductress, Yu Pui Tsuen II, and Carry On Yakuza. Also appears on the 1985 Wuxia drama Twin Dragons (雙龍會).

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