Sid Davis Productions

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1st Logo (February 24, 1950-1975)

Opening Visuals: Against a black background, there is a conjoined gray cursive S and D formed out of a filmstrip. The text "Sid Davis Productions", in script, is shown over it, and "PRESENTS" in a plain sans serif font, is shown below.

Closing Visuals: Same as the opening, but with "The End" and "A Sid Davis Production" written across the filmstrip.


  • In later years, a color version of this logo was used. The text is a vermilion color, and the filmstrip is either dull brown or pale blue, almost turquoise.
  • "PRESENTS" may be written in thinner lettering.
  • On some films, "PRESENTS" isn't used at all.
  • The filmstrip "glows" more on some films.

Technique: A still, hand-drawn graphic.

Audio: Just the opening (or closing) theme of the film.

Availability: Seen on many Sid Davis-produced educational films, such as The Dangerous Stranger, What's the Big Hurry?, Skateboard Sense, and Boys Beware. Alcohol is Dynamite and Gossip are the only films not to have this intro.

2nd Logo (1952-1953)

Visuals: Against a gray background with two vertical lines on the left, "THE END" is shown above in jumbled black letters, and below it it is a box with
inside it. "A" is written in script.

Variant: A color version of this is spotted on Gossip, with the box in yellow, "THE END" in blue and the vertical lines in pale blue.

Technique: A scan of a 2D drawing.

Audio: The closing theme of the film.

Availability: Only seen on Alcohol is Dynamite and Gossip.

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