Siam Star

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1st logo (March 18, 1978-1980s)

Visuals: On a blue background is the Siam Star logo (which is 5 boomerangs connecting to a star) in lime green form itself, which is that the 5 boomerangs pop up one by one. Then, a red rectangle shows up, as well as the company name & text (Presents) in white.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: An orchestral fanfare which sounds distorted (due to film deterioration) ending with a timpani hit.

Availability: Seen on Thai movies at the time. Considering this company's obscurity, it was so far only known to appear in Pong Pang's Family.

2nd logo (1980-May 11, 1990)

Visuals: There is a starry space background. Then we see the Siam Star logo in red forming itself with scanimate for nearly 5 seconds. When the logo is done, everything behind it "shines" 5 times.


  • There's a variant that existed where instead of a space background, there is a gray room where the Siam Star logo & the company name in English & Thai all in white are shown. After 7 seconds of this, a Jeep goes by the logo & text. It stops, & it reveals who is driving the Jeep by him getting out of it. The screen zooms into the man to reveal him wearing a tuxedo & a hat. He bends down & he speaks while red text in Thai show up in cursive. The rest is him speaking while the camera zooms into his face.
  • There's another variant where the logo cuts off the Scanimation.

Technique: Scanimation.

Audio: A drum beat, followed by a majestic synth fanfare.

Audio Variant: In Ms. Yen Ruedee, it have the opening theme. In the Variant above, it's 2 people speaking.

Availability: The normal variant is not known yet. The variants can be seen in Ms. Yen Ruedee & Madam Yihub.

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