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Shenyang Samon Audio & Video Marketing Center (沈阳莎梦音像营销中心) was the former name of Shenyang Samon Cultural Development Co., Ltd. (沈阳莎梦文化发展有限公司), one of the main audiovisual producers and distributors in the Liaoning Province market.

Logo (Early-Mid 2000s)

Visuals: The majority of the first half of the 1994 Universe logo is shown. Once the three red, green and blue bars zoom out, the footage freezes, and the background changes to a stock space background (also used in other Chinese logos). Flames appear below the three bars, and then a handwritten "SM", along with a blue semicircular streak, appear in front of those bars. At the end, the Chinese text "莎梦音像" in yellow zooms in below the logo. After a while, the Chinese text blurs radially, and the screen fades out.

Variant: A later variant of the logo exists, which appears to be edited due to the clear footage that was taken from the Universe logo's animation and music. Before the three comets appear, the footage fades into another CGI shot of the Earth with the camera rapidly zooming in as a bright yellow meteor comet appears striking it. The screen then is engulfed with yellow lights, and the formed logo cuts in, at the point where the Chinese text is zooming in.

Technique: Computer animation, along with the footage.


  • It first used "Regal Fanfare (6)" by Keith Mansfield, the same theme of the Universe logo, with added whooshes when the comets appear and when the Chinese text blurs out.
  • For the later variant, a different, proud synth brass fanfare is heard, with a quiet whoosh during the comet and light footage.

Availability: Unknown. [Examples?]

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