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1st Logo (1985)

Visuals: On a black background, a Sega logo (whose front side is white and reverse side is teal) floats up to the center of the screen. Once it reaches its position, it switches into a rotating palette consisting of several shades of blue, teal, and white. The words "MASTER SYSTEM", in yellow, slide in from the right, with the Sega logo overlapping it, before the Master System name switches to white. Both the Sega logo and the Master System name slide apart, with the Sega logo above and the Master System name below. A copyright for Sega (with the Sega name in the logo's font) appears below the Sega Master System name.

Technique: Sprite-based animation.

Audio: None.

Availability: It can only be seen on M404 prototype BIOS.

2nd Logo (October 20, 1985-1996)

Visuals: On a black background, the letters in the Sega logo slide in. When they stop, "MASTER SYSTEM" appears below, along with a copyright date.

Variant: On v2.4, The copyright date is changed to "1988".

Technique: Sprite-based animation.

Audio: A rising synth note, then the two-note "SEGA!" jingle.


  • Seen when you turn on a Sega Master System, which was a modest hit in Japan (known as the SG-1000 Mark III during the first two years) and North America, but a big hit in Europe, Latin America (particularly Brazil), and Australia, where it was more successful than its competitor, the NES.
  • However, this logo does not appear when starting up an SMS game on the Wii Virtual Console.

3rd Logo (October 1987-1991; February 18, 2015)

Visuals: On a starfield background, a checkerboard floor moves towards the viewer, giving a 3D effect, while changing color. Above the floor is the Sega logo with the words "MASTER SYSTEM" underneath. Below that is the following sentence, colored white and centered horizontally but left-aligned:


In English, the text translates to: "Turn off the power, please put in software."

Below that sentence is the text "© SEGA 1987" in blue, and "V 2.1" to the right of the copyright date, also in blue.

Variant: Japanese versions of the Master System Nintendo 3DS Home Menu theme features this intro, but it is still (the floor doesn't move, remains blue and the stars do not shine), and the 1987 copyright date was replaced with a 2015 copyright date, the version number is different and the top section of the Japanese text has been changed.

Technique: Sprite-based animation.

Audio: A rearrangement of the main theme to Space Harrier that demonstrates the capabilities of the FM Sound Unit that was built-in into the Japanese Sega Master System console.


  • Seen when turning on a Japanese Sega Master System without a cartridge inserted.
  • It also appears if you have the Japanese version of the Sega Master System Nintendo 3DS Home Menu theme.
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