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Savage Studios, Ltd. is the vanity company of Savage Steve Holland, creator of Eek! Stravaganza and its three underlying segments (Eek! The Cat, The Terrible Thunderlizards, and Klutter), as well as the executive producer of Sabrina: The Animated Series.

1st Logo (September 12, 1992-July 8, 1995)

Visuals: On a teal background, there is a gray structure (a la 20th Century Fox) that says "SAVAGE STUDIOS LTD." In the holes of the letters "A" and "O", as well as on the left of "LTD." is large moving yellow searchlights. There are black bars above and below the logo.

Variant: During the second and third seasons of Eek! Stravaganza, the logo would swipe up as the show's main character, Eek, landed at the bottom of the credits, giving the effect that Eek fell on top of the Savage tower.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: Only the outro of Eek! Stravaganza's closing theme. On re-airings of Eek! Stravaganza on Fox Family (now Freeform) in the late 1990s, since the logos came up first before the (split screen) credits, the logo ran silent.

Availability: Seen on Eek! Stravaganza, which has not aired on American television since 1999. If there are any DVD releases of the show, they will have this logo. However, it might be intact on one VHS release of the show.

2nd Logo (September 9, 1995-February 27, 2000)

Visuals: On a blue background, there is a black pirate filmstrip flag with a skull-and-crossbones on it. Next to that, there is Savage Steve Holland himself in a jury/graduation outfit, smiling and briefly nodding his head. Above both of them, there is the red script text "SAVAGE STUDIOS LTD."

Technique: CGI and live-action.

Audio: Eek! Stravaganza used the end theme of the show, while Sabrina: The Animated Series had the sound of a cheering crowd while a British girl's voiceover says "Savage, we love you.".

Availability: It was seen on Sabrina: The Animated Series on DVD and Pluto TV and the final two seasons of Eek! Stravaganza.

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