Samsearn Company Limited

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Samsearn Company Limited (บริษัท สามเศียร จำกัด) is a Thai television production company that makes shows based on mythology.

Logo (2000s)

Visuals: On waving Thai decorative clothing (hard to describe) is (from the right) a woman with shiny sliver ears and jewels on her headdress, (from the left) a child with gold ears and a few silver jewels on his head, and (from the center) a flipping head of a man with a decorative beard and mustache, a flower on his forehead, and a short spike-like object on his head. All of them got a halo treatment (a circle with a pointy edge where it comments to the triangle). Then they all join together, while it zooms out. The company's name on the bottom and turns around in gold. The background stays stable for this ending.

Trivia: Those masks are actually from "Khon", a Thai dance theater, and they are the masks actors and actress use for this theater. The woman from the right is the princess (queen), the kid from the left is the kid of the royal family, and the center man is the prince (king), who all seem to wear a crown for (designed as being a multi-tiered conical diadem, terminating in a tapering spire and is named "Great Crown of Victory"). The clothing background is another thing from the "Khon" theater, but it is also a formal dress for men and women alike, usually a royal family, in old times.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A dramatic fanfare with a long hold on the last note before a three beat hit at the end.

Availability: Can be seen on JaoYing Tan Gon.

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