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Salem School District Television (also known as CTV-30) was the former name of Salem School District Media, the television arm of Salem School District in Salem, New Hampshire. It was established in 1971 and renamed to Salem School District Educational Access sometime in the 2000s.

1st Logo (1984-1992?)

Visuals: Against a blurry blue star on a black background, a black box containing a "30", with "CTV" inside the "0", and a white outline flips and zooms in while the shape expands, covering up the entire backdrop. The logo continues to flip and zoom in until it covers up the screen, remaining still for the next few seconds.

Technique: Scanimate.

Audio: A synthesized blast followed by a four-note, ascending jingle and ending with two more zaps.

Availability: It was only seen at the beginning of a few known programs from this period such as the 1986 Graduation Ceremonies and Haigh School Talent Shows. Not all programs from the 80s have been archived by the channel for public viewing and the best way to find this logo is through flashback re-airings, specifically on Saturday Night Flashback where this logo was intact on the former event. Most of the time, this logo is cut out due to the poor condition of the tapes.

2nd Logo (1992-1997)

Visuals: The sequence starts with swift, partly cloudy timelapse footage. When a shiny "30" scrolls in from the top left and swerves its way into the center, the background crossfades to a zooming space setting. Once the "30" stops, a transparent white bleam flashes through the "0", pulling a striped "CTV}}" over said number. Underneath the logo, multiple letters derived from the company name slide from opposite sides to combine in the center. When they make contact, the text glows. The logo shines afterwards.


  • On the Class of 1997 Graduation Ceremony, the logo flips and shrinks before scrolling down.
  • An extended variant exists where the logo sporadically shines five times.

Technique: Scanimate.

Audio: During the timelapse footage, the wind is blowing. When the logo crossfades to the space setting, a simplistic, descending synthesized jingle plays with ascending notes playing along moments later. There is also a whoosh when the logo shines.

Audio Variant: Sometimes, the ending theme of the program plays over.

Availability: Like before, some programs from this period can be found on the SSDTV6 website and contain this logo usually at the beginning. The only exception to this is the 1992 Salem Exchange Club Christmas Parade, which has this logo at the end. Unlike the previous logo, this logo has slightly more appearances on the on-demand website although it still suffers from removal on Saturday Night Flashback and Throwback Thursday due to the tapes' bad condition. It was found on sports broadcasts such as the 1992 Salem vs Haverhill football match and special events such as the Class of 1997 Graduation Ceremony.

Salem School District Television
Salem School District Educational Access
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