Saigon Audio-CD

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Logo (1995-2000)

Visuals: On a black background, a light ray explosion occurs and reveals a pink cultural icon spinning and zooming in. Then when it stops zooming in and stays in the center, a rainbow curved filmstrip-like shape appears, rotates downward, and spins. The pink words "SAIGON AUDIO-CD" above and "HĀNG PHIM BÔNG SEN" below slide in from the left & right, curling up into an arc and making a circle. The gold word "HÂN HANH GIỚI THIỆU" flies in and faces the viewer below. The gold word then shines and the rainbow filmstrip still keeps spinning.


  • There's a variant which have the logo being taken place on an fireworks explosion, with only the part where the pink icon stays in the center onwards being included
  • An another variant exists, where we see a still image of the logo's frame before the word "HÂN HANH GIỚI THIỆU" flies in, and the gold text

ĐT: 8557679

zooms in to the bottom.

  • There's also existed a different version which in here, against a red-lime-orange gradient background, the studio's logo zooms in to the center, and the same gold text as the last variant fades in below.

Technique: CGI for the main version, live-action for the fireworks version, and 2D computer animation for the last two variants.

Audio: An uplifting cheerful MIDI triumphant tune.

Availability: Seen on some VHS or VCDs released from the them.

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