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P.T. Safari Sinar Sakti Film was an Indonesian film company established in August 17, 1970 by Indonesian comedian Bing Slamet alongside Edi Sud and Butjuk Suharto. During the 70s, it was one of the most productive, as well as one of the most famous film companies in Indonesia, mainly producing drama and comedy films.

Logo (1972-1989)

Visuals: Over a black background, there is a live-action archer on the left side of the screen, preparing to shoot an arrow into the top-right corner. When the arrow is launched, the screen cuts into blank with a spinning blue outlined/orange filled octagon emblem (depicting a stylized cameraman) seen far away into the top-right, and the arrow appears as an animated comet which bursts into the emblem. A star-like burst occurs, and the emblem spins into view and places itself on the left side. The company name "SAFARI SINAR SAKTI FILM CORP" in white appears around the blue outline. "SAFARI SINAR SAKTI FILM" appears letter-by-letter in next to the emblem as the company name around the blue outline disappears letter-by-letter and "mempersembahkan" appears below it.

Technique: A combination of live action and cel animation.

Audio: Gong sounds during the archer scene, followed by traditional gamelan fanfare with timpani rolls between.

Availability: Seen on some movies produced by the company.

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