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SKC is the leading company in South Korea's chemical and film industry. It was founded and established in Seoul 1976 as Sunkyong Chemicals Ltd before converting into its current name. In the home media and home entertainment business, SKC is mostly known for its VHS and cassette tape products.

(early/mid 1990s-1997)

Visuals: Over a space background, with the planet of Saturn shown on the distance, the trademark text of "SKC", in silver, rotates in from the right side of the screen as a globe of the Earth spins into the camera. A blue grid is also shown settling in at the bottom. The SKC text spins around the Earth, as Saturn moves into the top-left diagonal corner. As the SKC text appears again from behind the Earth it changes its color into red, and the logo turns into 2D as the background changes to white. The Earth globe then appears between the "C" of the logo, then fades out as sparkles appear from the bottom and top corners of the "SKC". The logo then fades out.

Variant: A variant has "SKC HOME VIDEO" between two horizontal lines fade in below.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An atmospheric synth piece, then a whoosh as the theme evolves into a synth brass fanfare.

Availability: Appears on Korean VHS prints of Child's Play and Our Friend Power 5.

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