SHV Productions

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Logo (Mid 2010's)

Visuals: This is essentially a remake of the 1998 Warner Bros. Pictures logo. Some notable differences include the opening, which is a close-up of the rotating shield rather than display a place or object's reflection. The background is a side-scrolling sunset picture with four black foreground palm trees, the inner two of which are lower than the outer two. The shield, reading "SHV", contains no words on the banner and "PRODUCTIONS" in a stretched format appears below the shield. The watermark "www.RAIN.COM" in white appears on the bottom right throughout the entire sequence.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Same as the 1999 Warner Bros. Pictures fanfare.

Availability: It appeared on the World Disney Princess Movie releases of Bananas In Pyjamas and Twinkle Toes.

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