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Started by filmmakers Nicolas Stiliadis and Syd Cappe. The entire SC Entertainment catalog was formerly in the hands of the Canadian company CinemaVault Releasing, which was started by Nicolas Stiliadis, but that company has since gone out of business.

SC Entertainment

Logo (June 30, 1987-1997)

Visuals: On a black background, a blue circle with an "S" on the upper-left and a "C" on the lower right rises up and heads towards the screen, leaving residue trails, and rests in the middle and the trail freezes. The words "SC Entertainment Corporation" in white fade in below.

Technique: Analog computer animation.

Audio: A synthesized theme that sounds like something out of 1980s news programs. Sounds similar to the second Vestron Video logo's music.

Availability: Can be found on Blood Relations, Hostile Takeover, Into the Fire, Murder One (1988), and Friends, Lovers and Lunatics, among others. On the DVDs of Blood Relations and Into the Fire, it is plastered over by the CinemaVault logo. It may be seen on foreign prints of Pump Up the Volume.


Logo (2000s-2011)

Visuals: On a space background with stars, the CinemaVault logo zooms out quick. The logo is a palette with purple space background with stars on top, blue in the middle and the starscape on the bottom. The words:


are inside it. "CINEMA" is on the top space, "VAULT" is in the blue and ".COM" is in the bottom space. A red planet is next to ".COM".

Technique: Motion-controlled animation.

Audio: A piano theme that sounds like the United Artists "Turning UA" logo followed by a "swoosh" sound effect.

Availability: This is quite a simple find actually. Just look for a DVD with the CinemaVault logo on the cover. Appears on DVDs of This Filthy World, The Big Slice, Graveyard Shift (1987) (Released on DVD as Central Park Drifter), Red Blooded American Girl, Blood Relations, The Pink Chiquitas, The Dark Side (1987), Outcast (1990) (on the British DVD), Still Life, A Fool and His Money, Dixie Lanes, Into the Fire, Caribe, Murder One (1988), and Psycho Beach Party, among others. This plasters over the SC Entertainment logo (and removes all references to SC Entertainment) on films such as Blood Relations, The Big Slice, The Pink Chiquitas, Dixie Lanes, Murder One, Still Life, Red Blooded American Girl, Into the Fire and Caribe.

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