Ron Greenberg Productions

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This is the vanity card of Ron Greenberg.

Logo (September 3, 1990-August 30, 1991)

Visuals: On a green background, there is a silhouette of a golfer swinging a golf club. The following text wipes in to the right: A RON GREENBERG PRODUCTION". The words "RON" and "GREENBERG" are in yellow, and the words "A" and "PRODUCTION" are in white.

Technique: A wiping effect.

Audio: As the words to the right of the silhouette wipe in, there is a sound effect of a golf club hitting a golf ball as the end theme plays. On The Challengers, announcer Don Morrow says: "This is Don Morrow speaking. The Challengers is a Ron Greenberg production in association with Dick Clark Productions." Sometimes, instead of Don Morrow, Bob Hilton would do the announcing on that show.

Availability: Seen on the short-lived game show The Challengers and the 1990-1991 revival of Let's Make A Deal, both co-produced by Dick Clark Productions.

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