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Regia Autonomă de Distribuție și Exploatare a Filmelor RomâniaFilm (abbreviated to RADEF or simply RomâniaFilm) is the state-operated film production and cinema chain company of Romania.

1st Logo (December 20, 1976?-June 24, 1978?)

Visuals: A white, horizontal oval split into four pieces is drawn, followed by a bulged "ROMANIA" wiping in within said shape. A large, white "FILM" pops in behind the logo, followed by "PREZINTA" wiping in on the bottom left.

Variant: Sometimes, "PREZINTA" may not appear.

Technique: Traditional animation.

Audio: A bombastic brass and drum fanfare

Audio Variant: On Melodii, Melodii, a simpler rendition of the fanfare is heard, consisting of only the brass.

Availability: It is so far known to have appeared on Roşcovanul and Melodii, Melodii.

2nd Logo (December 21, 1981?-March 5, 1984?)

Visuals: Multiple copies of silver film reels are spinning counterclockwise. Additionally, their holes are colored rainbow and have a blurry and transparent effect to them. The five reels flip to their sides and reveal the company name in gold, placed over a black rectangular piece, and in between two blue bars patterned with silver dots. The other side of the sign displays "prezinta". After two full rotations, the logo freezes before the company name could face the camera again, remaining static for a few more seconds.

Technique: Live-action modeling effects.

Audio: An exciting orchestral soundtrack, placing particular emphasis on brass.

Availability: Only a few movies are known to have this logo: Maria Mirabela and Secretul lui Bachus. A Digi24 airing of the latter has this logo intact.

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