Rete Mia

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Rete Mia (translated to "My Network") was an Italian television station from 1988 to 2000, based in Lucca, Italy. From the first day of broadcast until around 1992, the program offered general programming for the public. By this time, Rete Mia began to broadcast content targeted towards women. They have only used one logo for the lifespan of the network, and were sold in 2000 to Home Order Television.

ID (March 21, 1988-November 30, 2000)

Visuals: There is an open starfield, including the sun on the top right corner. A yellow monolith slides gently from the sun towards the center of the screen. This segues into a spinning Earth, inside of the same starfield. The camera reverts to the yellow bar again, in a different position sliding towards the bottom left. The spinning Earth from before is shown again, slowly receding to the left. The yellow bar sweeps into the Earth, and the camera shifts to perspective view into the earth where the yellow bar is headed. We then see the ocean (with a purplish sky, containing a few clouds in the distance). The yellow bar slides in towards the viewer. The yellow bar is then headed for a computer-animated mountainous island (in a different perspective, away from the viewer). The monolith slides across the screen with a different view of these mountains. A ghosted trail appears onto this ocean from before, and settles onto the ground. This trail forms the country of Italy. The yellow bar flies into Italy, rotates it vertically, and turns it yellow. There are markers showing each station where Rete Mia broadcasts, and a satellite flies over. Italy flips into horizontal view, and there is a flash. It forms two white lines that separate to the left and right of the screen. After this is blue three-dimensional letters appear one-by-one in a staircase form. These letters say "RETE". The word "MIA", in the same font as the previous letters, swings in along with the "RETE" text. The lines that were the product of Italy "exploding" return as angled shapes. The logo faces the viewer and shines for a bit.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A synth-pop tune that starts off dramatically but ends in a hokey sort of way. It sounds like a preset off of a Yamaha keyboard.

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