Red Tape Productions

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Logo (1980-1983)

Visuals: It begins with some clips featuring nude women. After a while of this, a red isosceles triangle pointing to the left with "red tape productions ltd." in a fancy multi-lined font with a heart as the tittle of the "i" over it, covers the screen. Then the screen zooms out to reveal that the red background is part of a red heart shape on a white background, then it completely unzips and cross-fades to "red tape productions ltd." in red, which zooms to the top and the same heart zooms out from the bottom to the centre and morphs into a pair of lips, which opens up to reveal "RED TAPE" in the Bodoni font inside. The company name then shines and the screen zooms into the lips afterwards.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: A descending synth decrescendo segueing into a disco tune. This is actually the song "Robot Dancer" by Funkaloo, from the De Wolfe music library.

Availability: Seen on adult tapes at the time. [Examples?]

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