Red Mountain Productions

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Logo (1989)

Visuals: On a black background, the red words "Red" and "Mountain" in the Mistral font fly in from the top left and bottom right corners of the screen, leaving trails behind. When they stop in the middle of the screen, a drop shadow wipes in behind them. At the beginning of the tape, "A Presentation of" fades in above it in white, as well as "Productions Inc. Aspen-Denver" wiping in below "Mountain". At the end, those words aren't there, and a copyright for Key Media New York Inc. in Helvetica, also with a drop shadow, fades in below.

Variant: On Secrets of Pool Hustling, the animation for the words is slightly delayed, before the words wipe in. The text "A Presentation of" is in a slight small size, and the text underneath is replaced with "and Key Media Aspen, Inc.". The closing version has the text "PRODUCTIONS, INC." added below "Mountain", and the copyright info is in uppercase with "Copyright" absent.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A rising synth drone, followed by an echoing sound of wind blowing.

Availability: Only seen on Pool: The Masters Way and Secrets of Pool Hustling.

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