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1st Ident (1967-1970s?)

Visuals: Over a gray background is many lines with black and white music notes moving. One of the black music notes has "Canal" in a cursive font with a big 7 on top of the text on the big part of the note, and the top of the note has "Rahintel". The first white note has the number 11 inside it. Under a second white note is a rectangle with "Toshiba" in it.

Technique: None.

Audio: A 60's sounding piano theme with an announcer speaking.

2nd Ident (1992-1999)

Visuals: On a sky background, a camera pans around a black & white triangle floor with TVs spinnning on a pedestal. It pans to one of them, revealing some white tunnel with a strange golden object in it. The tunnel explodes, shattering, and revealing the golden object being a brown circle with a golden outline and two connected abstract triangles in it. A Saturn then zooms in, and the camera pans downwards, panning around a silver word "Rahintel" (with the letter "R" being bold, and the part "ahintel" being cursive" on a Saturn's ring. The circle then settles on the letter "R", and the Saturn's orb turns into sparkles. A silver word "Gente que saba hacer Television" zooms out, looking to the right, and faces the viewer, shining.

Earlier Variant: Prior to Dominican Republic adopting a single frequency network in 1996, a sparkles appears to reveal "7-11".

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An upbeat triumphant tune with an announcer saying "De Santo Domingo, Rahintel. El primer canal privado del país. 39 años al servicio del pueblo... Cubriendo todo el país.", followed by a group of people singing "Rahintel, gente que sabe hacer televisión!".

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