Raggs, LLC.

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Also known as Blue Socks Media, this is the vanity card of Toni Steedman, the creator and rightsholder of the Raggs Kids Club Band.

Logo (June 1, 2007-2014)

Visuals: Transitioning from the Southern Star logo, the Raggs Kids Club Band (consisting of technicolored canines Raggs, Trilby, Pido, B. Max and Razzles) high-five each other, revealing the "Raggs LLC." logo in blue with a pink outline that bounces and shines against a white background. Copyright information is seen below.

Variant: Later prints have the logo in a more "balloon"-type style with "LLC." in a different font. Also, the logo doesn't bounce.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A "clap" sound, with Raggs (voiced by April L. Kresken) saying "Group howl!", followed by the band howling.

Audio Variants: Sometimes, the "clap" sound is removed and the logo goes straight to Raggs' line.

Availability: Seen only on US airings and current online prints of Raggs. Strangely, this logo never appeared on original Australian airings of the show.

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