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The Radio Phillipines Network was founded in 1960 by Roberto Benedicto as "Kanlaon Broadcasting System." It commenced broadcast television on October 15, 1969. When Martial Law began in the Philippines, KBS was allowed to remain on the air, unlike ABS-CBN, which was shut down by President Marcos. Its name was changed in 1975 to Radio Philippines Network. After the Martial Law ended in 1986, RPN began to decline. Today, the channel is known as RPTV and the company retains the RPN name.

1st Logo (1960)

Visuals: The letters K, B, and S in a green box. The K is on the top and is larger than the B and S, which are on the bottom. This spells out the acronym for the Kanlaon Broadcasting System.

Variants: None known.

Technique: Most likely cel animation, but could also just be a drawing. It should be noted that KBS at the time was a radio network, so, the logo could not have been seen on screen anywhere. In all likelihood, it's just a print logo.

Audio: None known.

2nd ID (1969-1984?)

Visuals: The letters K, B, and S in a blue box. The letters are positioned in a similar manner to the previous logo. The blue box is inside a square-like number 9, on a red background. The number 9 represents RPN's flagship Television station, DZKB-TV 9 Manila.

Variants: This logo appears in a news intro for RPN NewsWatch as late as April 10, 1984. The video can be found here. It also appears here in 1978.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: None known.

3rd ID (1975-1980)

Visuals: A CBS-looking eye within a blue oval. Within the oval, there are the letters "rpn," standing for Radio Philippines Network.

Variants: Sometimes, a number 9, much like the one described in the previous logo, appears alongside the main logo.

Technique: Likely cel animation.

Audio: On one variant, an announcer says, "This is RPN, The Leader Network."

4th ID (1980)


  • Station Roll Call: On a bicolored background, the red on top contains the words "RPN NETWORK PROGRAMMING" and the 1980 RPN antenna logo, while the blue at the bottom contains the DOMSAT logo. It cuts to the next slide which now has blue on top and red at the bottom, with the DOMSAT logo in between the colors. The blue side contains the different stations they operated at the time (9 Metro Manila, 5 Cagayan De Oro, 5 Zamboanga, etc.), the red side retains the same text and logo, this time the logo is shining. After the roll call, it cuts to the same slide shown at the beginning, now with a glint coming from the logo.
  • Station ID: On a red background is the text, "THE LEADER", next to their 1977 "9" logo with a glint.

Technique: Simple TELOP cards being shown.


  • Station Roll Call: Over a dreamy synth, the announcer says, "RPN has just brought you the preceding programs nationwide by the facilities of DOMSAT on, 9 Metro Manila, 5 Cagayan De Oro, 5 Zamboanga (...) and now, 9 Pagadian."
  • Station ID: An announcer saying, "This is Leader 9."

5th ID (1982-1989)

Visuals: The words "LOOK UP WITH" zoom by a space background. The white letters, RPN, on a red rounded rectangle, appears on the screen. A number 9 appears with a nautilus-like shape next to the logo of RPN. The words "THE LEADER" appear with firecracker effects below the RPN logo.

Variants: A variant from 1987 where the RPN logo zooms out from the side, causing an explosion. A laser beam generates the RPN-9 THE LEADER logo.

Technique: Model work, cel animation and CGI.

Audio: A fanfare with drums, flutes, and horns.

6th ID (1989-1994?)

Visuals: There is a barren ground with a purple sky. From the ground, there is a bright light. From the light rises a gold sphere. The sphere rotates around to reveal a number 9. A jumble of letters comes from the front of the screen and then forms the string "NEW VISION" on the gold sphere. From behind the sphere comes the byline "THE FUTURE".

Variants: None.

Technique: CGI combined with cel animation.

Audio: A bombastic fanfare with applause and sci-fi sounds, accompanied by an announcer who says, "This is New Vision 9."

7th ID (1994)

Visuals: Two bright sparks reveal a spinning globe. The brighter spark transforms into a semicircle shape with the letters RPN. A yellow spark turns the semicircle into a circle with the globe in the center. The word Philippines is revealed. Then it fades. The words entertains, informs, and serves follow in the same way. Then the words "The Network" slide down to the bottom.

Variants: None.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A cheerful theme that goes: "RPN Philippines. RPN Entertains. RPN Informs. RPN Serves. RPN. The Network." An announcer follows and says "In Surround Stereo."

8th ID (1996)

Visuals: A satellite appears above a globe with two satellite dishes. One of the dishes beams a signal at the satellite which beams a signal at the other dish. Then the camera focuses on the satellite, which transforms into the RPN logo used between 1982 and 1989. A photo slides down, as if falling, and it comes to life. There is a person (or people) depicted that say "Your Friendly Network" as a string of text reading Your Friendly Network appears.

Variants: There are many variants of the second half of this logo as multiple different people are filmed saying "Your Friendly Network"

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An announcer that says: "Covering Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao via satellite. This is RPN." The people in the photo then say "Your Friendly Network."

9th ID (1997)

Visuals: On a reddish-orange background, with the letters RPN scrolling by, the primary RPN logo appears. It moves to the top of the screen as the words "Leading the way" appear.

Variants: There is a blue and possibly a green variant.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A rock theme that says "RPN. Leading the way!" before a guitar sound.

10th ID (1998)

Visuals: On a blue background is the RPN logo turning around and becoming stationary as the words "QUALITY PRIMETIME TELEVISION" appear.

Variants: None known.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A Philippine folk theme.

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