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Logo (October 25, 1991-July 30, 1993)

Visuals: On a black background, the white outlined text "RIOT" can be seen in a stroke-like font, heavily italicized. Most of the logo is actually filled in with white, highlighted with a large blood splatter with a few splotches near the top of it.


  • Still Variants:
    • The positioning of the logo varies, either being in the very center or shifted up a bit.
  • Animated Variants:
    • On most of their PC-Engine CD games from 1991-1992, the logo takes place on a dark blue background with white stars that rapidly scroll upwards. The "RIOT" text flips around multiple times, being blue on the underside, before stopping as a yellow ring zooms out. It then turns into a orange circle and collides with the logo, making it flash and turn into the final product.
    • On Pop'n Magic, it features a slightly different variant of the above logo. The background is now black with more white and blue stars scrolling up, the logo only flips 4 times instead of 5, and then the stars disappear when the logo finishes.
    • On the original Japanese release of Beast Wrestler (or Beast Warriors), the blood splatter grows into place on a black background. After it finishes appearing, the rest of the logo, as well as the Japanese text "第一回オリジナル作品" (The 1st Original Work) below.
    • On Tenshi no Uta II, the logo drops down letter-by-letter with trails on a different space background, which now scrolls upwards. After it finishes dropping, the blood splatter zooms in from behind the logo and then flashes, filling the logo with white and dark blue in the respective areas.

Technique: Sprite-based animation.

Audio: Depends on the game:

  • The standard animated logo: A 2-note chorus with synth chimes playing in the background.
  • Beast Warriors: The opening theme of the game.
  • Psycho Dream: An ascending, then descending, 12-note synth theme.
  • All the other variants are silent.

Availability: It can be seen on the games listed, as well as XZR and Valis for Sega Genesis.

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