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RCTI (Rajawali Citra Televisi) is a TV station that aired for the first time in 1989 (albeit only in Jakarta), while it launched in the whole country in 1994. In 2001, Media Nusantara Citra bought the TV station, resulting in some big changes to the TV station. Currently, its sister channels are MNCTV (formerly TPI), and GTV.

1st ID (1989-1990s)

Visuals: The screen slowly zooms out from a skyline of Jakarta over a light blue sky. Two CGI blue rectangles segmented horizontally rotate into view from the left and the right sides of the screen respectively and merge into a single segmented rectangle. The background fades into a night view of the Jakarta skyline, with Monas protruding from it. A glowing white segmented parallelogram then wipes in from the left to the right, passing through the segmented rectangle which turns into the RCTI logo of the time (a segmented "RCTI" in blue, the left side of the "R" being solid and tri-colored (red, green and blue) with a stylized drawing of a white eagle embedded into it). The logo shines.

Technique: Early CGI.

Audio: A jazzy easy-listening soft rock/AOR tune led by a synthesized electric piano and flugelhorns, ending in a flourish.

2nd ID (1993-1994)

Visuals: There is a big Indonesian flag at the beginning, revealing small, more flags at a blue BG. A trail of modified R swiftly zooms from right, creating an eagle R, which the screen zoomss to the eagle's eye (which is actually, an earth), and there are some views from Indonesia. After that, the eagle R slides from the left, while some blue segments above creating "CTI" beside the eagle R. The whole logo rotates to center, while "KEBANGGAAN BERSAMA" and "MILIK BANGSA" below it slides from left. The whole BG turns black.


  • An evening version of this exists.
  • A 5-second bumper version exists, only including the R animation from the beginning, and fades to the forming of the logo in a black background.

Technique: Mostly real live action, but at the beginning and at the end of the logo are CGI.

Audio: A patriotic synthesized fanfare combined with generic piano tune. The short version either uses an abridged version of the theme or the theme from the previous ID.

Availability: Can be found on RCTI's official YouTube account.

3rd ID (1994-2000)


  • Version 1: There is a satelite flies around the earth (much like the 1991 Fremantle International logo), in which the screen zoomss to the earth, revealing, once again, live action views from Indonesia, but this time with people pointing their thumbs. The logo zooms to a TV, see some montages from movies/TV shows (notably Ultraman) zooming to us in a TV-tube form on a shady blue BG, and we're going to see live action again, but this time in a pedicab, with a man holding his portable TV, which we're going to see some montages again. Finally, there is a diver in the sea points his thumbs to us. Finally, the live action freeze-frames, followed by previous logo, with upper case. The texts below, instead of sliding in, smoothly fading in. And the BG turns black.
  • Version 2: We see Rumah Gadang, which we're going to see a family watching TV while pointing thumbs to us, we're going to see montages like previous version, but this time the montages are different, and again, another live action where we see another family on the beach, another montages, until we see Gelora Bung Karno, with two kids with a TV, see us and point their thumbs. Finally the camera pulls up, revealing the top of the stadion. Much like previous version, but instead of freeze-framed, it has a fade-out transition.


  • On later years, each of the live action variants have its own standalone logo, with its own arrangement of the regular music. The description of the variants is follows:
    • Stadium: There is the Gelora Bung Karno stadium and the screen zooms to two kids watching a football game, they point their thumbs as soon as the camera stops and close enough, and then it zooms back and flies back, revealing the whole stadium slowly. The final logo plays while the slower zoom-out occurs.
    • Ricefield: There is a river in top point-of-view, which slowly moves forward and descendingly, revealing a green, lush ricefield. As soon as the camera lowered horizontally, it spins, revealing a small hut consisting of farmers and their family watching a TV.
  • Around 1998, most of the standalone versions were parodied by Project Pop, which is EVEN more cheaper than the regular versions.
  • Starting in 1996, some additional standalone logos were created exclusively. Those are "Grandma in a Traditional Market" and "People in the Restaurant".
  • There's also a variant exists without any live-action montages, as a 5-second bumper.

Technique: Same as the end version of the previous logo. The Project Pop variants however, use a cheap 2D version of it.

Audio: Every versions had a 14-note tune, with a choir singing "RCTI OK!". The arrangements may varies on each variants. The 5-second bumper uses the harp tune somehow resembles the regular music.

Availability: See the 1st logo.

4th ID (2000-2005)

Visuals: After any standalone live-action montages from previous logo, a huge "RCTI" (this time, instead of segments, and it's modified to plain dark blue with red line across the whole logo) zooms out slowly from left to its position. As usual, the text would fade in after that.

Variant: On the short version, the text would appeared by shrinking itself from stretching, while making a glimpse of light on it.

Technique: Zoom-out effects.

Audio: See the 2nd logo. The short version uses either the harp tune from previous logo or the synthesized theme of the first logo.

Availability: Not as lucky as 1st and 2nd logos.

5th ID (2002)

Visuals: There are some people in a vibration effect with some texts, with a golden "13" comes out from nowhere, which suddenly swipe itself and zooms towards the camera. And we see live-action montage with the people wearing white clothes (which was somehow resembling a happy family). After that, the small RCTI from the previous logo, along with big golden "13" above zooms out on a light sparkling blue background, with the text "KEBANGGAAN BERSAMA MILIK BANGSA" fades in below afterwards.

Technique: Mostly live action.

Audio: A generic synth tune, followed by a male singing in Indonesia "13 tahun RCTI, untukmu, selamanya". Once again, the short, bumper break version uses the harp tune from the 3rd ID.

Availability: It was seen during the RCTI's 13th Anniversary back in 2002.

6th ID (2005-2006)

Visuals: Again, after any real live-action of the 2nd logo, a blue CG somehow resembles a cylinder forms itself and spins each other. And the 2000 RCTI logo, along with the slogan, revealed from inside of the cylinder CG. The logo would results in a freeze-frame.

Variant: As usual, a 5-second bumper version of this exists.

Technique: CGI animation.

Audio: See the 2nd logo.

Availability: See the 3rd and 4th logos.

7th ID (2006-2009)

Visuals: After any real-live action montages (from either the 2nd logo or a new montage), some white pieces (contains the parts of the RCTI logo) flies around and form the logo. After the logo being formed, the BG turns blue-outlined gradient white, the red line draws itself on the RCTI logo. Finally, the slogan rises below the logo.

Variants: There are 2 new montages:

  • Balloons: There is a boy being curious after he saw balloons floating thru a building and calling his friends to see it too. Another children crowd pick some blue balloons each, giving them one to adult people while running around the city (office, flower shop, traffic, etc.). There is also a truck full of blue balloons. The population of the running people grow increasingly (this time, including adults) ,and transportation contains people holding the balloons (including red balloons) and they all are finally jointed into Gelora Bung Karno. They let the balloons floating, forming the RCTI logo in the sky, and points a thumb on it.
  • Forgiveness: We see Rumah Gadang (and the condition is much the same as the Rumah Gadang version of the 2nd logo, but now renewed) and we see a family got down from their car, take their purses and on their way to their family home (in where they're all gathered together). During their walk, there are people surrounding (and helping) them until they arrived to that home. Once they arrived, their family greet and overrun them. Finally, all of them face a small TV and point their thumbs (the TV airs a concert).

Technique: The forming of the logo. [possible misuse]

Audio: See the previous logo, except with new montages, as they used a new arrangement for the theme.

Availability: See the 1st and 2nd logo. Made a surprise appearance on a 2014 episode of Dahsyat, as an RCTI's 25th Anniversary special.

8th ID (2008-2015)

Visuals: Over a white background is the same RCTI logo from the previous logos, with its slogan "KEBANGGAAN BERSAMA MLIK BANGSA" below the logo. The logo shines slowly with a slight zoom out.


  • Euro 2008: The standalone Gelora Bung Karno montage from the 2nd logo. The screen transitions into the RCTI ID (on the right, with the Euro 2008 logo on the left).
  • FIFA South Africa 2010: There is a man kicking a ball to the air, until another guy from the top gets it and do a salto kick (a la Pele). Three men points their thumbs to the guy, and he smiles. The screen pans to the right, revealing the ocean. The RCTI logo zooms out and the slogan fades in.
  • Kite: Children running around the field while playing kites, ends with all children (except one boy) points their thumbs to the boy.

Technique: Shining and zooming effects.

Audio: Same as previous logos or use a new arrangement of the theme.

Availability: See 3rd logo.

9th ID (2010-2011)


10th ID (May 20, 2015-)

Visuals: A reworked version of the 7th logo's animation, however, the new straightened RCTI logo is shown and there is no 3D effect. The byline is also in blue and in a much smaller font.

Technique: Nearly the same as the 7th logo.

Audio: Unknown.

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