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Pyramid Home Video started out as a low-bugdet division of another video company, Videoservice. In the late '90s, it became independent and survived until the late 2000s.

1st Logo (Late 90s)

Visuals: On a black background with purple clouds, a spinning glass pyramid with "A" attached to each side, zooms in. Then "PYR" and "MID" slides in from left and right sides, respectively, to spell "PYRAMID", the pyramid stops spinning and shines from the tip to the base, and "home video" fades and shines.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A synth pad sounder accompanied by the ding sound when the pyramid appears, some guitar notes when "PYR" and "MID" slides in followed the bass-drum beat when it's finished, a swoosh when it shines, ending the sounder with 6-note ditty played on the woodwind.

Availability: Appears on Russian home video prints of The Boys Club and Parting Shots, among other titles.

2nd Logo (2000-2006)

Visuals: The sequence starts moving through the ancient Egyptian corridor, then move right and see pyramids through the opening. The camera flies out of the building, forward to the setting sun, then turns around, showing the pyramid we have just escaped. The pyramid expands its top and opens with a bunch of orange light, while a pod ejects from the formed hole. There is a DVD Video logo on the pod, which flashes and turns into the greenish PYRAMID logo, with a spinning glassy pyramid instead of A. The DVD Video logo is reflected inside the pyramid.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Egyptian-styled music (an excerpt of the main menu music from the 1996 game PowerSlave, also known as Exhumed in Europe, composed by Scott Branston), accompanied by sound effects of the mechanism and the swoosh when the DVD logo flashes.

Availability: Can still be seen on a lot of older DVD releases, such as The Cat's Meow, Hot Boyz, U.S. Seals, and Battlefield Earth.

3rd Logo (2006-Late 2012)

Visuals: A yellow pyramid emerges from flowing red surface, rises up, and makes the background turning black. Then, the golden words "PYR" and "MID" fade in, making the word "PYRAMID".

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Weird music, reminding the sound of deep horn. Later variants use two more soundtracks with crystal bells and dings.

Availability: Appears on later Pyramid releases of titles like Diamond Dogs.

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