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Parlophone Records is a British music label, founded in 1923 as the English counterpart of german label Parlophon, part of Carl Lindstrom Company. In 1927, Carl Lindstrom were sold to Columbia Gramophone, and then in 1931 formed EMI. In 2012, EMI sold Parlophone to Warner Music Group. Parlophone is one of the most famous labels since the 1960's, when The Beatles started publishing their LP's on their label.

Logo (1995-)

Visuals: On a black background, there is a large circle with a pound (£) sign in it in the center of "TRADE" and "MARK". Below it is "Parlophone".


  • On Radiohead's "Street Spirit" is the copyright "© 1995 EMI Records Limited and Parlophone" underneath the logo. On Radiohead's "Karma Police", it says the same thing, only with "1997" instead.
  • On widescreen Radiohead music videos with the black bars removed, the copyright is barely visible due to it being in 4:3 and being cropped.
  • On the music video for Gorillaz's "19-2000" and Radiohead's "Pyramid Song", the copyright "© 2001 EMI Records Limited" is below the logo.
  • On some music videos, the Parlophone logo is absent, but the EMI copyright remains.
  • The background can be either black or white.
  • After 2012, the Warner Music Group byline appears below.

Technique: A still graphic.

Audio: None.

Availability: Seen on music videos from Radiohead's albums "The Bends", "OK Computer", "Amnesiac", and "Hail to the Thief". Also appears on numerous other releases on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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