Park Home Video

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Logo (Mid-Late 1980s)

Visuals: A space background with a blurry red-yellow opal in the middle zooms in over a black background. A few lasers are seen shooting in various distances. Later, the logo itself zooms forth, and so does another one, going from various distances. Then, another logo itself zooms in while flipping over. A black circle zooms and fades behind the logo, and a green laser shoots the logo. The logo flashes two times as the green laser slides out. Then, a pair of lights of the circle fade in as it leads to a slowly zooming blue background where it shows the logo, which consists of 20 white stars in a circle shape, two blue bars and the texts "PARK" and "HOME VIDEO".

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: A spooky-tune was played at the beginning, then we hear two distorted shooting sounds, and another two distorted high-pitched shooting sounds. Then a video games sound effect and an electric zapping sound was played. And finally, a proud fanfare was played at the end. And all of this synced with what's happening in the logo.

Availability: It may have appeared on a few releases such as Raiders of the Living Dead.

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