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People's Television Network is a government-owned television station launched on February 2, 1974, as the Government Television (GTV). It was renamed as Maharlika Broadcasting System (MBS) in 1980, and was renamed again as New TV 4 in 1986 (only for two months), during the People Power Revolution.

Government Television/CNDE

1st (known) Logo (1977-September 1978)

Visuals: In a light-colored (color is still unknown, presumed green) background (on top), there are the words "GTV Network" stacked on top of each other inside a TV tube, and below it are the words "BROADCAST PLAZA" in a darker-colored background (on the bottom). It later cuts to showcase several provincial/regional television stations. GTV 3 Cebu and GTV 4 Bacolod are the only ones with its own logos. It later cuts to a text reading, "Because Our Viewers Count A Lot" (which was their slogan at the time).

Technique: A still, printed image.

Audio: A funky tune with a calm announcer.

Availability: The logo that was found is in full grayscale and it is unknown if there was a color variant of this logo.

2nd ID (September 1978-1980)

Visuals: In a (Filipino) TV Time's And For Your Station ID article about GTV, there were two logos that was described (in just one page), one for CNDE (Citizen's Network for Developmental Entertainment), and one for NMPC (National Media Production Center):

  • CNDE: In a blue background, there is a big yellow numerical 4 with curved corners accompanied by "CNDE" and "GTV" stacked onto each other. The text, "CNDE" is a bit smaller than the text, "GTV".
  • NMPC: It starts off with an oscilloscope, followed by the "electronic" movements of the sun and the three stars merging with the red and blue background to form the Philippine flag, and then was changed into the "New Society" flag (probably referring to the New Society Movement). It then instantly disperses to form the number 4.
  • MPI: There is a huge layered number 4 in the left side with the text "GTV" under it, accompanied by the text "MINISTRY OF PUBLIC INFORMATION" stacked onto each other in the right. There is also the "golden sun" symbol from the Philippine flag on top of the said text.


  • CNDE: None.
  • NMPC: Possibly scanimate.
  • MPI: Unknown.


  • CNDE: An announcer saying, "This is the Citizen's Network for Developmental Entertainment."
  • NMPC and MPI: Unknown.

Audio Variants: In 1979, The network celebrated the International Year of the Child. There are three variants of this according to the TV Times article:

  • "This is the Citizen's Network for Developmental Entertainment. You're on the new Channel 4 in celebration of the International Year of the Child."
  • "This is the International Year of the Child throughout the world, throughout all earth, on the Citizen's Network for Developmental Entertainment, Your very own Channel 4."
  • "You're on the Citizen's Network for Developmental Entertainment. This is your Channel 4 now celebrating the International Year of the Child."

Availability: The logos are currently lost. The MPI logo was seen as an image in the first page, but there was no description of it. It is probably because only the first page of the article was shown in this post:

Legacy: The TV Times article that was mentioned above is an article from August 1979.

Maharlika Broadcasting System (MBS-4)

1st (known) Logo (1980-1984?)


  • 1980-1982?: There is the MBS's logo at the time, with the text "MAHARLIKA BROADCASTING SYSTEM" under it. There's also text saying "BRIDGING ISLANDS AND PEOPLE FOR PROGRESS" is superimposed into a background with a sunset and a boat passing by a river.
  • 1983: In a light blue background is their two logos, the "sun" and the number 4 in a circle, above the station's wordmark saying, "MAHARLIKA BROADCASTING SYSTEM". Below is a text in a Helvetica font saying, "Your Government Television Network".


  • 1980-1982?: Live-action and a superimposed logo/text.
  • 1983: None.


  • 1980-1982?: Possibly just silent.
  • 1983: None or a low-pitched tone.

Availability: The 1983 logo was only seen as a slide during their sign-off and is unknown if it is used between programs during that time.

2nd ID (1983?-1984?)

Visuals: In a night sky background, there is a blue grid-like pattern moving from the top. The camera pans above the grid, and three red grid-like towers are seen, with two searchlights behind them. The camera later zooms into the middle tower and the Maharlika Broadcasting System logo fades in. There are some sparkles appearing on top of the tower. It later cuts to a black background with streaks of colors hitting the center of the screen, while their secondary logo, which is the number 4 in a circle (similar to KITV's logo from 1973-1975), wipes down revealing itself.

Technique: Probably scanimate.

Audio: A bombastic fanfare with an announcer saying, "This is Maharlika Broadcasting System, Channel 4."

Availability: This logo was found in a segment of a French news show 7sur7 from 1984, that showcased television in different countries. Though it is only a short clip and the full ident is being recreated. A very short snippet of the beginning of the ID was found in a broadcast of the PMA Commencement Exercise, on March 18, 1984.

3rd ID (1980?-1983?)

Visuals: In a white background is the text, "PROGRESS TELEVISION" in a serif font, above the blue number 4 surrounded by wave-like symbols colored yellow to orange.

Variant(s): There is a version where the logo is in a dark blue/black background, now the text is in a white tube and the number four is outlined white.

Technique: A still, printed image.

Audio: Unknown.

Availability: It was found on a music and arts program, Paco Park Presents. The footage was from May 1982. The dark blue/black background version was found on a 1981 broadcast of the PMA Commencement Exercise in Baguio.

4th ID (1985?-February 24, 1986)

Visuals: In a blocky crimson-yellow-light green gradient background, there is a number 4 in a circle surrounded with the text, "NEW WORLD".

Technique: A still, printed image.

Audio: A sentimental string instrumental.

Availability: Found on an NHK coverage of the People Power Revolution on February 24, 1986.

New TV 4

ID (February 24-April 1986)

Visuals: In a black background, there is a yellow text saying, "NEW" on top of another text, "TV" and is accompanied by a green number 4 beside it. It then cuts to a big yellow text saying, "Mabuhay ang Kalayaan!"

Variant(s): There is another variant where the text, "Mabuhay ang Kalayaan!" is in a yellow background, with the New TV 4 logo below it.

Technique: A still, printed image.

Audio: An announcer saying "You're on the New TV 4, The People's Television."

Availability: The logo was found on a CBS News Report about the Philippine's Channel 4, and its variant is found on a 1986 broadcast right here.

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