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Sony attempted to create a DVR/PlayStation 2 hybrid with the release of the PSX on December 13, 2003 in Japan only. It is widely known as one of the rarest consoles out there due to its high price (costing around JP¥79,800 or US$650.05). The console is also notorious for its poor reliability, specifically the DVD laser and the hard disk drive, which are prone to failure and makes it very difficult to find a console in good, working condition. The high price resulted in poor sales, which canceled plans for a broader release, and was eventually discontinued altogether in February 2005.

Logo (December 13, 2003-February 2005)

Visuals: It's just "PSX" in a futuristic font (the same one used in the PS2 logo) fading in on an abstract blue background.

Technique: A still digital graphic with fading effects.

Audio: A dreamy synthesized tune.

Availability: Appears when a PSX console is booted.

PlayStation 2
PlayStation Portable
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