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In 2011, the Public Broadcasting Service formed a joint venture with WGBH Educational Foundation to expand their distribution operations, forcing PBS Home Video to sever their ties with Paramount Home Entertainment, as well as merging their home video unit with WGBH Home Video, resulting in the creation of PBS Distribution (PBSd for short). Today, PBSd handles distribution of not just PBS and PBS Kids product but also programming from fellow public TV distributor American Public Television and even a few children's programs that were never shown on PBS, including Regal Academy (which is released under its SkipRope banner).

Logo (2009-2020?)

Visuals: Essentially just the blue custom variant of the then-current 2009 PBS logo with no distribution indicator whatsoever.

Technique: CGI by EyeballNY.

Audio: Same as the 2009 PBS logo, with no voice-over.

Availability: Unknown. [Examples?]

PBS Home Video
PBS Distribution
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