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Logo (March 3, 1977-February 20, 1997)

Visuals: There is a fisheye at night with an eye-like circle below to make the close-up of what appears to be a dark village. Then a bunch of lights turns on to brighten up the fisheye, making it focus better. Then the company name "OBJEKTIV FILMSTUDIO" and "BEMUTATJA" appear, either in colors yellow or white. The logo stands still for the last 4 seconds until it fades out.


  • Certain films have the company name reading "OBJEKTIV STUDIO".
    • A B&W version exists in Ékezet.
    • The text is in a serif font in A kétfenekü dob.
    • In 80 huszár, it is almost identical to the former variant, but much thicker and "bemutatja" is seen underneath.
    • The text is in a sans serif font in Nyomkeresö.
    • In Csók, Anyu, the text is colored blue, in a cursive format, and two sets of texts reading "Az" and "bemutatja" can be seen on the top and bottom.
    • The text is colored yellow and in a brush font in Csinibaba.
  • On some films produced by Mafilm combined with major film studios, The Mafilm logo appears on the top, right below "OBJEKTIV FILMSTUDIO".
    • There are two brush versions: a white version (spotted in Vasárnapi szülök), and a yellow version (spotted in Kabala).
    • The company name may also be in a serif font.
    • A B&W version exists in Hol volt, hol nem volt.
    • In Boszorkányszombat, there are two separate text notices underneath Objektiv's, those from Robert Halmi I.N.C, and MOKEP. All of which are in a bold sans serif font.
    • Királygyilkosság has a documentary film notice underneath the company name.
  • Later films have the company name reading "OBJEKTIV FILMSTUDIO VALLALAT".
    • The logo may share text notices with other companies such as Balázs Béla Studio or Mokep.
    • The text, along with a small "bemutatja" below is italicized in Dear Emma, Sweet Böbe.
    • There are two instances where the company name is colored yellow.
  • In Cha-Cha-Cha, the text reads:


  • The text is colored cerulean blue while "Az" and "bemutatja" sit on the top and bottom respectively in in Túsztörténet.
  • On some films produced another Mafilm on scarce like "HDF" respectively , The words "OBJEKTIV FILMSTUDIO" and "MAFILM HDF" appear letter by letter.
  • A scope variant which is AgaScope, The words "OBJEKTIV FILMSTUDIO" wipes in, followed by "PRESENTS in", the film projector shape, and then "AGASCOPE" in a CinemaScope-like font.
  • On Oberst Redl, the logo is shown without the company name.

Technique: Fading effects.

Audio: The opening theme of the movie, or none.

Availability: Was spotted in numerous Hungarian films and some Hungarian prints of foreign films such as Bizalon, Hány Az óra Vekker ur?, and Vigyazók.

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