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Nusay, also known by its other business name, Turkmen Film and Television Center for Children, Youth and Family, is one of the national film production studios of Turkmenistan.

Logo (1992)

Visuals: On a starry background, a flash brings up a zooming vertical foghorn-like object. A second after it stops, two elliptic wavy patterns spin out behind the object and place themselves at the top of it. A group of three filmstrips appear at the front, rotating and twirling around. These then move away, and reappear circling the object from the elliptic pattern, forming a swirl. The border of "НИСА" appears zooming out and stretching at the right. As it settles into position, "НУСАЙ" in a white fill appears on the same manner below, but in a less stretchy fashion. "NISA" in serif then comes out from the left, flying and placing below the words "НИСА" and "НУСАЙ". The elliptic patterns shine.

Technique: Analog computer effects.

Audio: A series of pitch-modulated synth whoosh effects at the beginning, followed by a triumphant synth fanfare.

Availability: Seen on Treasures of Mirgaruf.

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