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Novelas+ is a Polish television channel owned by Platforma Canal+ that broadcasts telenovelas and soap-operas programming from Turkey and Latin America.

ID (December 28, 2020-)



Startup variant

Visuals: On a timelapse cloudy background during sunset (set in a steel or warm colour scheme depending on the footage), there are close-ups or small copies of forming portions of the Novelas+ logo with expanding and shrinking four-pointed star-shaped objects. Both shapes are coloured from the color palette of the background where they nearly blend in with the scene's environment. In the final animation sequence, the Novelas+ logo in a serif font, with portions of each letter having a thin or thick stroke, appears in white against a radially expanding pattern of the star-shaped objects from before, which disappear as "TWOJE SERCE ZABIE MOCNIEJ" fades in below the logo.

Variant: There is a startup variant that features changing shots of various timelapse cloud and horizon backgrounds at varying times of the day alongside the star-shaped objects and portions of the text appearing in-sync with the extended version of the logo's soundtrack.

Technique: Live-action and flash animation.

Audio: A soft and elegant orchestrated string and piano fanfare. An ascending piano track plays as the finished logo appears.

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