Nitrome Ltd./Logo Variations

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These are the logo variations seen throughout the years by Nitrome Ltd.

Four Play (2005): On a checkered floor, the logo, in blue, drops down to its place. Then a spaceship (with one of the aliens from the game in it) flies in from the left side of the screen and then flies out the right side. This variant is completely silent, and is the only variant to not feature the synth chord (known as the "Nitrome jingle").

Hot Air (2005) and Hot Air 2 (2007): The logo is multicolored and blown up like a balloon on a striped pink background.

Sandman (2006): On what appears to be a desert, the logo is made of sand with a sand pail next to it. This is a still image.

Chick Flick (2006): The sequence starts off with leaves covering the screen. They shake, then fly off-screen to reveal the logo (made of wood) with wood shavings surrounding it. A gray squirrel is sitting on the logo, while an orange squirrel is holding goggles and a chainsaw.

Roly Poly (2006): On a burgundy background, a spotlight shines on the logo. Then, a spiked ball rolls from the right of the screen and crashes into the logo, causing spikes to form around it. A head pops out of the ball, revealing that it is a porcupine.

Feed Me (2006): On a brown background, the logo is in the form of a Venus flytrap, and its jaws are open. A fly flies above the jaws, and they snap closed to catch the fly.

Gift Wrapped (2006): The text is already formed and is light blue with snow on top of it. This is set on a snowy blue background.

Scribble (2006): The logo is sketched on a dark gray background. After the synth chord, the logo is erased away.

Frost Bite (2006) and Frost Bite 2 (2008): The logo is covered with snow at first. Then, the main protagonist of the game (holding a grappling hook) shoots at the top of the logo to go on top of it. As this happens, the snow collapses, revealing the logo. The logo looks just like the version used on Gift Wrapped, but in a darker shade of blue. This takes place on a white background.

Tanked Up (2006): On a khaki/green background, there is a brick wall. Then, a tank rolls in and shoots it, forming the logo.

Magic Touch (2007): On a blue background, a wizard enters from the left side of the screen. He waves his wand, causing the letters (which are multicolored) to appear one by one from left to right. The wizard then exits. Here, the chord plays when the letters start to appear.

Skywire (2007), Skywire VIP (2010), Skywire VIP Extended (2012), and Skywire VIP Shuffle (2012): The letters in the logo (which are red) roll in on a cable from the left of the screen on a checkered light blue background.

Space Hopper (2007): The letters (which are glowing and light blue) blur in one by one (from left to right) on a space background.

Dangle (2007): The sequence starts with water filling up the screen. Then, it goes down a drain, revealing the logo (which is light blue) on a white background. A spider (which is near the logo) happily jumps up and down.

Square Meal (2007): On a black background, the letters (each made of a certain block texture from the game, with the exception of the "N" and the "E", which have the same texture) fly into place.

Toxic (2007) and Toxic II (2008): The logo starts with bubbling acid. Then, a magnet lowers down into the acid, and comes back up with the logo (made of metal).

Yin Yang (2007): The sequence starts off with a black background. The lights then turn on to reveal a white background and the text (which is white with black siding). A string is hanging off the "E".

Nanobots (2007): On a black background, there is a tiny color-inverted monochrome logo. Suddenly, lightning strikes the logo, causing it to grow to a normal size. Electricity crackles across it in tune with the synth chord afterwards.

Off the Rails (2007): Set in the desert, the text is red and on a train. It stops at a station.

Headcase (2007): The sequence starts with a purple background with a pink block at the center of the screen. Then, Norman Noggin (the game's protagonist) flies through the block and breaks it, revealing the logo, which is green with a white outline.

Pest Control (2007): On a gray background, the letters (made to look like flies) fly around the screen. A flyswatter then swats the letters, causing them to fall to the center of the screen.

Twang! (2007): Over a dark purple background is 7 stretched out multicolored bands. They then stretch back and reveal the letters in the logo.

Thin Ice (2007): Over a light blue background is the logo covered with snow. The same boy from the Frost Bite variant skates by and bumps into the logo, causing the snow to collapse. The final result looks just like the one on Frost Bite.

Snow Drift (2007): On a two-sided icy ramp, the letters (which are purple) slide in (one by one) from either the left or the right (they alternate).

Jack Frost (2007): On an white background, there is a red and pink colored Nitrome logo before Jack Frost jumps down from the top of the screen and walks over the logo, making it freeze gradually. Jack jumps back up once finished walking. The logo then fades to the title screen.

Aquanaut (2007): On a blue background is each letter of the logo glide up from the bottom of the screen in bubbles. The bubbles pop, resulting in the finished logo. The logo transitions to the title screen with a "wavy" effect.

Fluffball (2007, unreleased, 2015): There is a cloud on a cloudy sky background. The letters, made of soil with grass on top, float up from the cloud and float around before settling in place.

Go! Go! UFO! (2008): Same concept as the Space Hopper variant, but the text is pink and the space background is slightly different.

Dirk Valentine and the Fortress of Steam (2008): On a metallic floor, a stylized claw comes in from the bottom left from the screen all the way over to the upper right. When the claw pulls back, it reveals a green metallic Nitrome logo that is left at the center of the screen.

Magneboy (2008): On a black background with a green grid is the "N" from the Nitrome logo colored like a regular horseshoe magnet. The letter glows and after a second, the other letters, also in the same colors, are gradually attracted to it, resulting in the finished logo.

Cheese Dreams (2008) and Cosmic Cannon! (2009): On a yellow background, the letters, made of cheese, bounce in from different directions until meeting in the center as the finished logo.

Snot Put (2008): On a green background, someone says "Achoo!!". Suddenly, the letters, made of snot, come in from the top of the screen and wobble once in place.

Knuckleheads (2008): On a dirt brown background, a magenta "NITR" slams in from the bottom left. A green "OME" comes in by "leapfrogging" over the logo. They do the same routine once more before it results in the finished logo.

Skywire 2 (2008): Same as the first game, but each letter is a different color.

Small Fry (2008): On a purple background, the letters are scattered across the screen. A cross shaped cursor drags and drops each letter into position, making the finished logo.

Mutiny (2008): On a pink background, there is an isometric block made of a ground texture. Bombs come in from the bottom of the screen and explode near the block, making the finished logo.

Final Ninja (2008): On a magenta-red gradient background in a letterbox format, each letter swings down from the top one-by-one via rope.

Onekey (2008): Over a sandy background is the main character waddle across the screen. The letters, which are attached to chains and have a rocky "Aztec" texture, descend from the top. The "O" in "Nitrome" knocks the character off the screen.

Mallet Mania (2008): On a backdrop with blocky purple structures, there is a block with a green-dark green checkerboard texture. Each letter in gold zaps onto the screen one by one. Once finished, the letters and green blocks glide off the screen one-by-one.

In the Dog House (2008): On a baby blue background, a white, cross-shaped cursor with arrows, drags in each letter one-by-one from offscreen and places them in the right positions.

Numbskull (2008): On a dark purple background, the letters, which are white, fall down into place.

Bomba (2008): On a purple steel background, there is a moss-like substance. Suddenly, some bombs blow away the substance, revealing the logo.

Flipside (2008): On a navy blue background, the letters, in neon blue, come in from various sides of the screen, leaving behind blue streaks. The streaks fade after the letters reach their positions.

Fat Cat (2008): On a city backdrop, the owl from the game flies around the screen and brings the letters to their usual place.

Icebreaker (2009), Icebreaker: The Red Clan (2009) and Icebreaker: The Gathering (2009): Over a light blue background is the text (in dark blue) frozen. Then, a viking (a different one for each game) walks up to the logo breaks the ice around it. He then walks away.

Pixel Pop (2009): There is a blank screen with a border around it (which flashes many different colors). Then, in the center screen, the logo is revealed in a "loading" style (a la an old computer) with the center screen being blue and the text being blue/purple.

Flash Cat (2009): On a purple/neon pink road, one of the "cars" from the game rolls down with the logo (colored a steel orange) on it. It stops in the center, and the logo shines.

Twin Shot (2009): On a light purple background, there is a miniature chest. Then, the two main characters (an orange and pink cat with wings, respectively) shoot the chest with their bow and arrows, causing the logo (in purple) to fly out of it and into place. The cats fly away.

Mirror Image (2009): On a dark purple background, the game's main character hits his staff against the ground, causing the letters in the logo to magically appear.

The Glassworks (2009): On a light purple background, a hovercraft carrying the logo (which is made of purple stained glass) drops it off at the center and flies away.

Rustyard (2009): Over a brown background is the logo in dull brown. The game's main character (a robot) plugs itself into the "E", causing the logo to "power up" and turn red.

Final Ninja Zero (2009): On a metallic background with weird hexagonal tiles that almost look like pivots, the letters glide to their positions while "invisible" and appear in gold.

Powerup (2009): On a blue background, there is an "N" and an "E" with the "N" having a power supply and a lightbulb and the "E" also having a lightbulb with a status bar. The other letters jump down in between the "N" and "E" and electricity surges through all the letters, allowing the "E" to charge fully.

Droplets (2009): On a pixelated grassy backdrop, there are the letters, in red, with parachutes landing on the ground one-by-one, parachutes disappearing after they land.

Double Edged (2009): On a dirty tan background, there is a mermaid statue made out of rock. A Spartan comes in and destroys the statue in three series of strikes with his sword, revealing a dull bronze Nitrome logo. An old man comes in from the right and cries "Oh! My statue!".

Castle Corp (2009): On a dark navy blue background, there is a short isometric castle wall with candles and cannons shooting spike balls. Four knights pass by and destroy the wall one-by-one, revealing a pink Nitrome logo.

Parasite (2009): On a grassy landscape with flowers, there is a bright green Nitrome logo. A parasitic alien (the main character) comes down and leeches on the logo, making it turn dark green and withered, and leaves.

Rockitty (2009): On a brown moon with purple splotches and craters, a blue Nitrome logo descends with rockets on both sides of it and lands. A space cat (the main character) passes over the moon.

Nebula (2009): On a dark brown background, there is a black Nitrome logo. The logo lights up letter-by-letter and glows yellow, making the background light up. Finally, the logo flashes, dims, and turns orange, revealing the background to be purple and in space.

Cave Chaos (2009): On a black-dark green gradient background, four crystals, one large and red and three small and green, are carried by bats that come in from the left. The red crystal is placed at the left of the screen, while the green crystals are placed in a diagonal line near the center. Four series of two bats each drag in a purple block one-by-one and line them up parallel to the green crystals. An anthropomorphic, wingless bat with a mining hat drops onto the rightmost block and collects the crystals, jumping in the air to collect the last one. The blocks break and fall as he goes over them, revealing a yellow-green Nitrome logo.

Graveyard Shift (2009): On a black background with 2 with two spotlights at opposite corners, there is a weird green blob with eyeballs. A cross-shaped cursor shoots at it and a blue Nitrome logo is revealed.

B.C. Bow Contest (2009): The sounds of arrows being shot from a bow are heard. The letters, with arrows attached to them, come into place.

Cold Storage (2009): In an icy cave with snow, there is a giant, monstrous hand holding a blue Nitrome logo by its "E". Another hand holds itself out and the first hand drops the logo into it. The hand the places the logo on an icy block.

Avalanche: A Penguin Adventure! (2009): On a snowy ground, there is a pill-shaped penguin (the main character) sliding down from the right dragging a long sled that has a blue Nitrome logo on it.

Rubble Trouble New York (2009): On a grassy landscape with trees, paths, and some other buildings around, there is a tall building in the center of the screen. A large claw comes down and latches onto the building, pulling half of it up, revealing a metallic Nitrome logo.

Blast RPG (2010): On a grassy landscape, there are the letters, in brown, scattered across the screen along with a pig-shaped cannon at the top right. The all hop into the cannon and it shoots them out in order as the finished logo, while the cannon glides offscreen from the impact.

Tiny Castle (2010): On a black background, there is a wizard along with a gold Nitrome logo, except the letters are spread out and tiny. The wizard causes them to grow them one by one using his powers, but he has trouble with the "N", causing him to grunt. He walks towards it and finally makes it grow; he then disappears.

Chisel (2010) and Chisel 2 (2011): On a purple background with a large spotlight in the middle is Chisel come down and drill on the "N" of a purple (and stretched out) Nitrome logo, cutting it in half and making the logo close in some to fill in the empty space. Chisel then drills upward into the "O" causing the logo to fill in that space too. Finally, Chisel drills across the logo horizontally, causing it to collapse into the finished logo.

Bullethead (2010): On a brown-bronze gradient background, there are the letters, in green, appear from different directions and float. The "N" and "E" team up and shoot down the other letters into their positions. The "N" betrays the "E" by shooting it down into its position, but not before the "E" also shoots down the "N" into its position.

Fault Line (2010): On a purple background with a segmented grid, there are the letters, in purple, split into separate planes. Two planes come together and form a white line. Two more planes come together and also form a line. Finally, the last two planes comes together and flashes another line along with the other two before they all disappear, resulting in the finished logo with grid fully intact.

Ribbit (2010): On a pink-brown checkerboard background, there are the letters scattered across the screen. "N" "I", "T", and "R" are green with frog eyes while "O", "M", and "E" are pink with rabbit ears. The letters hop towards the center of the screen to form the finished logo. The letters hop a bit once in their positions.

Worm Food (2010): On a murky green-white gradient background, there is a tiny, green village person. Suddenly, a Nitrome shaped worm with a green-brown gradient comes in from the right and makes S-turns before charging towards the village person. He runs off screen and the logo settles in the middle of the screen.

Squawk (2010): On a wooden floor with steering pegs, there is a long slot in the center of the screen. A parrot-shaped ball (the main character) rolls toward the slot and a red Nitrome logo with white spots pops up from the slot via a green button being pressed; each letter pops up in random order. The ball, after being deflected by the "O", squawks.

Temple Glider (2010): On a sandy terrain, the logo (in gold with cloth wrapped around some parts of it) emerges out of the ground.

Sky Serpents (2010): The sequence starts off in the sky. Then, there is a person (actually a Norse Warrior) falling. The camera follows him down to the logo (in green), which the person grabs hold of and climbs on. There is another variant where the logo is blue, likely used as a prototype variant.

Enemy 585: The Last Henchman (2010): On a sky background with a mini terrain is "NITR" in orange on the grass. Then a blue block with a smiley face on it (which is carrying "OME") moves in a Tetris fashion over to a gap in the terrain, creating the final result.

Super Treadmill (2010): On a hardwood floor is the Nitrome Enjoyment System (a parody of the Nintendo Entertainment System). A cartridge for the game with the logo on top is inserted into the system. However, when the power button is pressed, the game doesn't start. It is taken off-screen, and blowing noises are heard (in terms of blowing on the cartridge). The cartridge is inserted again, the system starts successfully, and the game starts.

Bad Ice Cream (2010), Bad Ice Cream 2 (2012), and Bad Ice Cream 3 (2013): On a snowy terrain, one of the game's main characters (made of ice cream) uses its ice breath to bring forth the letters (made of ice). The copyright info is also a lot bigger than usual.

Rush (2010): Many beams of light bring forth the logo (in green).

The Bucket (2011): There is a box with the game's title on it. Someone says "Hey! This isn't the game I ordered!" as an NES cartridge (in the same fashion as the one on Super Treadmill, but with this game's title on it) is taken out of the box.

Knight Trap (2011): There is a brick floor containing blocks with the letters "n' and "e" on them. Then, the part of the platform in between the blocks opens up, and the letters of logo pop up and down, one by one, starting with the "n" then going backwards starting with the "e". Then, the letters pop up starting with the "n" again; however, this time the letters stay in place after popping up. This forms the logo, which shines.

Steamlands (2011) and Steamlands: Player Pack (2011): On a desert path, two tanks (one made of the letters "nit", the other made of the letters "rome") drive towards one another from both sides of the screen and start shooting each other. The fight causes the "r" to fall off of the "rome" tank and the "nit" tank to have its wheels destroyed. Then, a cursor enters the screen and puts together the finished logo, which now rolls to the center of the screen.

Test Subject Green (2011): The logo starts with "nitr" (made of a blue substance) and "ome" (made of an orange substance) fuse together to form the completed logo (made of a green substance), all on a glass floor.

Silly Sausage (2011): Another NES game; this variant uses the same concept as Super Treadmill; however, before the cartridge is inserted, an extra one for Game Muscle is attached to it. The combined cartridge is inserted, and the game begins successfully.

Office Trap (2011): On a wood/steel platform is "nit" hopping in from the left, "ro" hopping in from the right on the platform below where "nit" is (then hopping up to the same platform as "nit") and "me" hopping in from the right. The letters set off spike traps as they hop in. After the letters are all in place, the now completed logo shines.

Rubble Trouble Tokyo (2011): A helicopter drops multiple mines on a building, revealing the logo.

Canopy (2011): The main protagonist of the game (a blue creature with big hands) shakes a tree, causing the letters (in purple) to drop down from above one by one, forming the logo. The creature then waves to the camera.

Mega Mash (2011): The sequence starts off with the cartridge being inserted in the NES. The game starts, and the synth chord plays, but it sounds off-key. It then goes to the game's title screen, which is all glitchy. The screen cuts back to the logo, and the cartridge is taken off-screen. Punching sounds are then heard. The cartridge, now damaged, comes back on-screen, and is inserted in the console, and the game starts successfully. However, smoke is coming out of the insertion slot.

Stumped (2011): The letters (styled like the game's main protagonist, a Frankenstein-like hopping foot), all hop into place.

Nitrome Must Die!!!! (2011): In the 100th game from the company, a drumroll plays as the letters (in a shiny gold), along with the letters in "the 100th" (above the letters) and "game" (below the letters), fly into the center of the screen on a pink background with smiley faces. Suddenly, an alarm goes off, and the background changes to a dark gray background with sad faces (with crossbones, representing a skull and crossbones). As this happens, the letters are shot by bullets, arrows, and bombs, damaging the logo. At the end of all the destruction, only the logo (which is damaged) remains.

Lockehorn (2011): There are some hot coals, and Lockehorn on the left side of the coals. Suddenly, the logo (made of rock), with ice covering the bottom, slides into Lockehorn. He stops the logo with his horns, causing it to move back into the coals. The ice melts off the bottom half of the logo, the fire in the coals is extinguished, and Lockehorn does a little dance.

Rubble Trouble Moscow (2011): A helicopter drops the logo on a snow-covered building, causing the logo to push the building into the snow until it reaches its final position.

Rainbogeddon (2012): The main protagonist of the game moves from the right side of the screen to the left side of the screen, revealing the logo, which changes color. This happens on a black background.

Swindler (2012): The letters (in green) swing down from a rope on a purple background.


Gunbrick (2012): The logo appears via a blue flash on a black background.

Cave Chaos 2 (2012): Same as the first game, but with a cave background.

Super Snot Put (2012): Same as the first game, but on a checkered floor.

Hot Air Jr. (2012): Same as the first 2 games, but the letters are all blue and it takes place on a checkered floor.

J-J-Jump (2012): Unknown.

Calamari (2012): On a background with many pipes, a line draws itself. Some blocks from the game and the letters (in green) are seen moving. As the blocks exit, the letters come to a halt and settle in the middle of the line. However, the "N" is sleeping and the "I" shoots it to wake it up.

Turnament (2012): Unknown.

Swindler 2 (2012): Same as the first game, but on an orange background.

Ice Beak (2012): Unknown.

Plunger (2013): Over a moving background is many plungers bringing in the letters to form the finished product.

Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage (2013): Same as the first 3 games, but rather than a viking from a different clan breaking it, the ice is sliced.