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These are the logo variations used throughout the years by Nippon TV Movies, with more to be added over time.

Death Note film series

  • Death Note (2006): After the logo finishes its animation, the dot glows and turns into an orange moon, turning the rest of the logo into clouds that disperse in a nighttime sky.

  • Death Note: The Last Name (2006): When the logo's animation finishes, freeze-frame images of Misa Amane's (played by Erika Toda) face from the side on a blue TV screen appear four times. Then, the logo fades out, with the orange dot replaced by the pupil of a light-green Shinigami eye. The camera then zooms into that eye as those same images flicker again, revealing it's watching Misa run away.
  • L: Change the WorLd (2008): The logo turns into a neon logo with pink outlines, while the bottom text fades away completely. The first stroke on the second kanji momentarily flickers, causing the entire logo to flicker out.

  • Death Note: Light Up the NEW World (2016): Using the 2014 variant, the white 2013 logo is shown on a black background, evoking the eponymous notebook cover's color scheme. This is followed by the Japanese text underneath the logo suddenly changing into the Shinigami language, from left to right, while the logo itself fades out. After fully changing, the new text also fades away.

Gantz film series

  • Gantz (2010): As the orange dot's light dims, the dot changes to an eclipse, darkening the logo from its edges. The eclipse lingers for a while before fading out.

  • Gantz: Perfect Answer (2011): Same as the Gantz variant, but the eclipse emits a light that turns the entire logo blue, under a digital screen texture. After the logo fades away like the Gantz variant, the eclipse zooms in, with the dot showing the movie's opening shot. A fish-eye transition segues into the movie.
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