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In 1987, Channel 4 started airing during the night, initially only on the weekend, and with a special ident being briefly used. It was in early 1988 that the channel broadcast into the early hours seven days a week offering an alternative to the programming on ITV as that network started extending broadcasting hours at around the same time, on a region-by-region basis, ahead of the entire ITV network being on air all night by Autumn 1988.

Logo (1987-1990?)

Visuals: On a black background, gray water ripples are seen. Then, they connect to form the silver Channel 4 logo and then 4 yellow corners fade in around it, and then it becomes 3D. There is the word "N I G H T I M E" (that is stretched) that fades and flips in. On the closedown, the finished product is seen, but the text turns into "GOODNIGHT".

Variant: Sometimes on closedown, after the text turns into "GOODNIGHT", both the text and yellow corners disappear with the Channel 4 logo turning back into water ripples.

Technique: Terrific animation for the time.

Audio: Eerie ascending sounds are heard; they culminate into a mysterious tune that plays on the menus. This is actually a portion of "Dreamtime" by David Vorhaus.

Audio Variant: On the closedown, it becomes a rather jumbled descending theme.

Availability: Seen only on Nightime at the start and at closedowns.

Legacy: A logo with great animation, although the word "N I G H T I M E" is missing a "T". This was most likely done for stylistic purposes, though.

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