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Dog Spot (2003)


Visuals: Same as the Nickelodeon Movies "Dog Spot" logo, except the orange dot is moved to th center, and the small orange dot and the "MOVIES" dot are removed.

Technique: Same as the Nickelodeon Movies "Dog Spot" logo.

Audio: Same as the Nickelodeon Movies "Dog Spot" logo.

Orange Splat (2003-2005)


Visuals: Depends greatly on the variant; most commonly, an event involving a Nickelodeon character happens, with orange slime splattering all over the screen to form the Nickelodeon logo.


  • Rugrats #1: On a white background, Tommy squeezes orange milk out of his baby bottle. The camera pans to Angelica standing, with the orange milk landing on her; the "NICKELODEON" text then appears on the Angelica silhouette. Angelica angrily stares at the camera for the remainder of the ID.
  • Rugrats #2: Spike is sniffing until he runs up to the screen and licks it, forming the Nickelodeon splat with his tongue. Throughout the ID, there is orange slime falling down.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: SpongeBob pops up in random places, making crazy faces until the Nickelodeon logo splatters him.
  • The Wild Thornberrys #1: Donnie is covered in Nickelodeon slime, which he then shakes off to form the iconic Nickelodeon splat.
  • The Wild Thornberrys #2: On a white background is Donnie yelling like Tarzan and beating his chest. The camera zooms out, revealing him, Eliza Thornberry and Darwin standing on top of each other. Darwin slips on the orange slime below him, causing all of them to collapse and the slime to splatter onto the bottom left-corner. "NICKELODEON" appears on the splatter, forming the finished product.
  • The Wild Thornberrys #3:' Some orange slime splatters everywhere in a "connect the dots" fashion, forming Donnie standing on top of Darwin. The Nickelodeon logo then splatters onto the top-right corner of the screen.

Audio: Various 2000s-style themes with a narrator. The Primal Screen reels have different music and lack an announcer.

Availability: Defunct. Seen on Nickelodeon within commercial breaks during the time period.

Talent Show (October-December 2005)


Visuals: See variants.


  • The Eyes Have It: There is a young girl walking onto a stage (with the US flag at the right) and flipping her eyelids inside-out. Then as she walks off the stage, the orange splat appears, this time with a ton of eye graphics around it.
  • The Hands Have It: There is a young boy walking onto the same stage, doing the cut off finger trick. He then walks off stage as the screen fills with the Nickelodeon splat and a variety of hands.


  • If you look closely to the high right, below the blue eye, you'll see a gold eye that looks exactly like the CBS Eye.
  • The Eyes variant caused some controversy with online groups due to its inclusion of the “Illuminati” eye.

Technique: Live-action and 2D computer animation.

Audio: The sounds of the foot steps when the stage is silent, then a female voice saying "We'll be right back" or "Now back to the show" with a splatting noise.

Availability: This bumper was notable for being lost media until finally surfacing in a compilation from November 11, 2005.

Oddball (September 1?, 2007-2010) (Only seen in Netherlands/Scandinavia/Finland)

Visuals: All idents have the characters (a pink dinosaur and a yellow thingy) doing random stuff. Near the end, an orange splat appears. An eye appears on it, and disappears. With the background turning to white and the Nickelodeon text in the usual font appearing.

Trivia: These IDs were created by Bob Holt and Mike Adair, the creators of Hoops and Yoyo, after they both did the "Hoops and Yoyo Celebrations" commercial in 2007 from the Netherlands.

Technique: A mixture of rough 3D animation and photographic backgrounds, adds a lot of details and interest to otherwise very simple subjects.

Audio: Sound effects of what's happening right now, followed by a splat sound, and a synth tune which rises up.

Origamic Letters (2009-March 12, 2017)


Visuals: See Variants.


  • Tumbling Ball: Over a white background is the word "nick" curled into a ball. The ball gets bigger, revealing the letters "elodeon". The ball gets free and the letters in it form "nickelodeon".
  • Origami: Over a white background is part of the "n" all folded up. It un-folds backwards, and forms either "nick", or "nickelodeon".
  • Zoom Away: There is an orange background. The logo zooms out to reveal an orange line. The logo zooms down, and the line forms either "nick", or "nickelodeon".
  • Spin: Over a white background is letters from the Nickelodeon logo spinning. They stop and form either the words "nick" or "nickelodeon".

Technique: CGI.

Audio: It depends on the variant.

Nick Life (2017-)


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