Nextworks S.A.

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Nextworks S.A. (also known as Next Marketing Systems) was a former subsidiary of the now-defunct Modern Times S.A., which made VHS tapes and early DVDs of songs performed by Zouzounia (a child band), as well as Greek dubs of children's TV shows (like Thomas the Tank Engine).

Logo (2000?-2004?)

Visuals: There is a picture of a dark-haired boy in a red bellboy suit and hat looking at the viewer and laughing with his hand near his mouth on a dark blue-magenta gradient wallpaper background with the words "NEXT!" on it. The "NEXT!" wordmarks occasionally light up in a red color and white outline (a transparent speech bubble with a white outline also lights up with the one near the boy).

Trivia: If you look closely, the picture of the boy becomes slightly lighter.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: A child laughing.

Availability: Can be found Greek VHS tapes, VCDs and DVDs produced by the company with a print version of the logo on them.

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