New Treasurer Films Co.

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Logo (June 1, 1990-2001)

Visuals: There is a moving grid on a light blue/black background, and then a golden filmstrip suddenly appears. It moves upward, and then the camera moves to the top of it, zooming our face into the filmstrip. Once we reach the top, the filmstrip rotates and then the screen zooms out from it, revealing a merged "NT". The red Chinese text flips and zooms out, with the English translation later doing the same. The logo zooms into the filmstrip again, finishing the logo.


  • There's a B&W variant of this logo.
  • Another variant has the zoom-in at the end cut.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A whoosh, followed by a triumphant fanfare ("Blaze of Brass 3" by Cecil Milner from the album 81 Fanfares!).

Audio Variant: The 2nd variant of the logo used a dramatic synth fanfare with ascending sections.

Availability: Appeared on their films around the 1990s such as Never Say Regret and Redgrass Sand.

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