Neo Films

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Neo Films was a subsidiary of VIVA Films/Entertainment, which made Filipino films from 1995 to 2003.

Logo (November 8, 1995-June 11, 2003)

Visuals: On a blue cloudy background, there are the letters of the word "neo" zooming out, rotating, and placing themselves letter-by-letter. The white underline of the text along with "FILMS" below fades in. The VIVA Entertainment byline also fades in below.


  • There exists a dark variant for the logo.
  • On Manalo Matalo Mahal Kita (the company's first film) and Super-B, there's no VIVA byline.
  • On Warfreak, the logo faded to negative at the end.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A synthesized majestic fanfare.

Audio Variants:

  • On Manalo Matalo Mahal Kita (and possibly other early movies), a majestic fanfare is heard.
  • On Super-B, the opening theme is heard.
  • On Ang Huling Birhen Sa Lupa, a rising sound, then a synth bass theme is heard. It finishes with a bang.
  • On Katawan, a pluck sound is heard while the VIVA byline is fade in.
  • On Mumbaki and Wangbu, an uplifting fanfare with 4 drumbeat at the end is heard.
  • On Squala, an ominous fanfare was heard.

Availability: Can be found on films like Honey, Nasa Langit Na Ba Ako?. As IMDB says, the company produced nearly 29 movies (a few of their other films are not written) and distributed 3 (2 being also produced by the company), and most of the releases may contain this logo. From 1997 to 2002, it continues to appear on screen on some films due to the new print logo with the "V" and the company name (similar to the VIVA Films logo), and in 2003 due to the another print logo (similar to the 2003-2010 VIVA Films logo). It also appears on Super-B (2002) and Ang Huling Birhen Sa Lupa (2003), which were the company's last films.

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