Nederland 3

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Nederland 3 was a pirate television channel in Leiden, the Netherlands, that broadcast from 1980 to 1981, when most Dutch pirate channels were shut down. Nederland 3 had much better production quality than other pirates, such as PTV Leiden, and had far more reach with it's broadcasts, being available in most of the Randstad. The channel created it's own content, with a large focus on musical performances, both live and pre-recorded. It was one of the most popular pirate channels in the Netherlands due to it's quality and reach.

ID (1980-1981)

Visuals: On a black background, the word "Nederland" in small, white letters is next to a large number "3" in yellow. Below it is a Dutch flag.


  • There is a variant which features the "3" duplicated in the colours of the Dutch flag, and the text "Vrije Televisie" inside the "3".
  • A sub-variant features the text "Einde" and was used at the end of broadcasts.
  • There is a variant featuring black text with a different background, this time featuring several coloured triangles and a red bar and blue bar in the centre, along with the text "Reclame", which was shown before commercial breaks.

Technique: A still, hand-drawn graphic.

Audio: A short fanfare.

Audio Variants: A silent version exists..

Availability: Seen on Earth and Fire - Tell Me Why (1981).

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