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1st Logo (1974-1975)

Visuals: On a black background, four white lines slide in from various sides, forming a National Geographic corporate logo. Words "a NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY educational presentation" fade in. They soon fade out, and the white words "in association with EDUCATION EXPEDITIONS INTERNATIONAL' fade in. They fade out, and the logo spins around, afterwards wiping out, causing a blue wireframe globe with an orange landmass slide in from the left. The globe spins around and goes off-screen to the right, revealing the show's name with its footage next to it.

Technique: Traditional animation and Scanimate.

Audio: A calm flute tune, followed by a majestic fanfare.

Availability: Seen on Tobis on the Evolution of Man and GATECLIFF: American Indian Rock Shelter.

2nd Logo (1976-1977)


  • Opening: On a black background, a National Geographic corporate logo zooms in, as the white words "a NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY" zoom out. Afterwards, white words "educational film presentation" fade in. The logo transforms into a line while the words fade out, and turns into colorful rays which wipe the bronze circle with a globe in the center and the company's name in an arc clockwise. It moves to the upper-left corner, and the name of the show fades in.
  • Closing: On a blue-green background, the bronze logo from the opening is shown, with a copyright in white below.

Variant: In Plankton, after the company's name fades out, white words "in association with OXFORD SCIENTIFIC FILMS Ltd." fade in.

Technique: Traditional animation.

Audio: Same as before.

Availability: Seen on Infant Development, Introduction to Chimpanzee Behavior, and Plankton.

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