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Nahom Records Inc. is an Ethiopian film, video, & music producer headquartered in Washington, DC that was founded around the 2000's. It is one of the largest distributors in the music industry of Ethiopia.

1st Logo (2009?-2020)

Visuals: Beneath a red tint background with a strip of sparkling musical sheet notes flying is crystals & music notes, we then see yellow & white lights move left to right, the company's name in English then rotate transitionally. It then cuts to the company's name in Amharic and the logo. Beneath is a dark aqua background with light turquoise lights and white musical notes flying towards the screen. It then cuts to a peaceful yellow background with a copyright logo on it. On it shows the disclaimer: "ይሀንን ፊልም የስባስቤቱ ፈቃድ ማሳተምም ሆነ አባዝቶ መስጥ በህግ ያስቀማል። (Publishing or reselling this film without the owner's permission is prohibited by law.) in red". The scene is then changed to the red-tint background in it's full opacity, it then shows the website & executive producer name in white. The words "ETHIOPIA - USA - CANADA - UK - AUSTRALIA - ISRAEL" in yellow fade from the right, and the telephone numbers fade from the left.

Technique: Computer animation combined with CGI.

Audio: A brave trumpet & drum fanfare, and then a happy upbeat violin & piano tune.

Availability: Seen on multiple movie DVDs made throughout the logo's use.

2nd Logo (2020-)

Visuals: On a rusty metal black oval with small squares inside of it is green and white lines surrounding them, grey lines then appear beneath the black background. Multiple squares that make up the company's logo pop up individually on the oval as more lines surround the oval, diamonds then zoom in individually to finally make up the company logo. Squares that make up the words "NAHOM RECORDS INC. seen in white & grey gradient then also zoom out individually. The logo shines and slightly zooms out.

Technique: 2D Animation.

Audio: A piano & trumpet fanfare.

Availability: Seen in some films previously distributed by the company. [Examples?]

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