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Founded in 1956, this company focuses on the distribution of advertisements for theaters (which it called "Filmlets"). It has offices in Madrid and Barcelona. From 1999, it's part of Antena 3 Televisión (Spanish TV network), which is a part itself of Grupo Planeta, one of the most powerful European publishing groups. For further info, check here.

1st Logo (1956-Late 1950s?)

Visuals: Over a somewhat cloudy blue background is, on the top, a zigzagging rectangle with the word "M O V I E R E C O R D" written in bold capital letters. Underneath, a little "presenta sus" in white can be seen. Suddenly, the word "filmlets" in pale yellow zooms out and places itself in the center of the screen, forming "Movierecord presenta sus filmlets" ("Movierecord presents its Filmlets"). Then, some extra info fades below the finished logo: At the bottom left, an outline of the logo of Estudios Moro (a capital M inside an oval with a filmstrip below that has "estudios moro" written on it) with some text reading "Realizados por" (Made by) next to it fades in. At the top right side of the EM logo, the words "estudios moro" in bold lowercase letters (maybe the logo on the left wasn't that clear) fades in. At the lower right side, the word "LABORATORIOS FOTOFILM S.A." fades in.


  • Estudios Moro was an animation studio based in Barcelona. Apart from their own works, they made animation for some Rankin-Bass shows such as The Jackson 5.
  • Fotofilm is a film lab based in Madrid. S.A. stands for "Sociedad Anónima", which is an equivalent to "Inc.".

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: A rising flute scale followed by a vibraphone jingle.

2nd Logo (Late 1950s)

Visuals: On a black background, a large capital "M" zooms in. Suddenly, it disappears and a line of multicolored dots cross the screen diagonally from left to right. Once they has crossed, the words "películas y filmlets en esta pantalla" (films and filmlets on this screen) appear sweeping from left to right. Below, the dots reappear one by one, aligned, only to turn into capital sans-serif letters to form the word "MOVIERECORD". Finally, yellow letters appear one by one - again- to form the words "MADRID·BARCELONA".

Technique: Cel animatoin.

Audio: A very loud and sudden brass fanfare.

3rd Logo (Late 1950s)

Visuals: There are some fast-paced live-action images of marquees from famous Spanish cinemas while the white outlined letters "M", "O", "V", "I", "E", "R", "E", "C", "O", "R" and "D" appear and disappear quickly one after another in the center of the screen. Then stars flash and form the same letters again (à la Filmation's "Flashing Letters", alternate version), but this time they remain on screen, forming the whole word "MOVIERECORD". The letters widen and stretch to the rhythm of the logo's jingle, and then start disappearing to re-appear in the upper left side of the screen as an stylized flower-like shape moves across leaving some kind of "trail" behind and places itself on the right. All the while, the letters keep on "dancing" to the logo's jingle. The flower dances as well in the same way. The word "presenta" in a fancy handwritten font wipes in on the right, and a diagonal line of stars completes the logo. When it reaches the flower, it "dances again", widening and stretching to the logo's jingle two final notes.

Technique: Cel animation mixed with live-action.

Audio: A swinging brass fanfare with powerful percussion.

4th Logo (Early 1960s)

Visuals: On a black background, the screen zooms through two sets of multicolored rectangles, one on each side of the screen. The sets have some neon signs reading "Cine" on them. Halfway, a set of stars shine in, and then the word "Movierecord" in the same outlined font from the previous logo zooms out. Its syllables move upward and downward alternatively. Then, the images cut to a drawing of a building's rooftop with huge pink neon letters that read "MOVIERECORD". After two quick views of it (to the rhythm of the logo's jingle), we are taken again to the zooming rectangles. The syllables of "movierecord" re-appear one after another on the bottom of the screen. The images cut again to a huge "MOVIERECORD" moving diagonally from right to left, then two smaller versions of the word move exactly the opposite way. Finally, it cuts to another drawing of a building which multicolored lights are randomly being turned on. The camera pans upward until it reaches the rooftop, and, when all the lights are on, an explosion of stars reveals a neon sign that reads "MOVIERECORD (in capitals) presenta (in lowercase handwritten font)".

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: Same as 3rd logo.

5th Logo (Mid-Late 1960s)

Visuals: On a black background, there is a logo consisting on a white outlined compass rose-like shape with a capital "M" in the center moving from right to left. Then many identical multicolored logos zoom in slowly throughout the screen until we see another white one. This one places itself in the center of the screen. "MOVIERECORD" and "PRESENTA" appear below.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: A bossa nova-style tune with guitar and percussion.

6th Logo (Early 1970s)

Visuals: On a white background, a black square with moving geometric patterns inside zooms in. As it stops right in the middle of the screen, some psychadelic motives appear from the square, forming series of drawings on psychedelic backgrounds: First, a shoe and a bottle, followed by a smoking woman and another bottle; in third place a man drinking something from a glass, along with a woman; then a vintage car, and after it, a wrist with a watch. Finally, there is a woman and the face of a young man. All the motives start appearing again via a fading effect until the appearance of the face of a gorgeous lady with multicolored hair, which actually fills the screen. She opens her mouth and concentric multicolored circles appear from it as "MOVIERECORD" in the Futura Black font appears in front. The face disappears and the circles and the word zoom in until they engulf all the screen (à la V of Doom).

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: A jazz-rock tune with electric guitars and bass, which is cut by a whoosh sound at the end.

Audio Variant: A high-tone version of this logo also exists.

7th Logo (Mid 1970s)

Visuals: On a black background, concentric tri-colored diamonds zoom out and the image cuts abruptly to show some series of typical '70s wallpapers (which are shown deliberately blurred) as the words "MOVIERECORD CINE" in capital a Far West-like font appear and repeat until they fill the screen. Then the image cuts again to show a navy blue background and a single set of words "MOVIERECORD CINE" zooming in. Then, a quick series of Movierecord-related designs are seen: the 1960s "wind rose" (in red) logo with "MOVIERECORD CINE" at the bottom; the "wind rose" logo alone on a black background and the syllables of "Movierecord" and "cine" in multicolored bold letters and on typical '70s wallpapers. Finally is "MOVIERECORD CINE" in violet, on a cream-colored background with reproductions of the same words. The whole thing changes its combination of colors (à la DFE films logo) a total of 15 times. On the 16th time, the "wind rose" logo appears in the background, which it's now blank and pink-colored, and the words get a grayish color.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: An ominous four-note jazzy tune with that ends in some cacophonous kind of descending electric piano improvisation.

8th Logo (Mid-Late 1970s)

Visuals: On a black background, a set of eleven multicolored lines (in this sequence: yellow, orange, dark orange, pink, and purple. The color sequence then repeats in reverse order) are seen on the left. The set slowly elongates, zooming out and forming a curve until it nearly reaches the top of the screen. Then it stops and letters forming the word "MOVIERECORD" in white, bold, capital letters appear one by one on the lines' ends.

Technique: Scanimate.

Audio: A dramatic ascending jingle.

9th Logo (Late 1970s)

Visuals: On a black background, a white line moves twice across the screen forming a silhouette of Manhattan's skyline (with the Empire State Building). Then a pink line moves the same way. The second time, the silhouette remains on screen and is filled with lights. Then the pink outline glows and disappears, and the skyline moves down as the word "MOVIERECORD" in white capitals with a pink glow surrounding it comes from behind and places itself in the center of the screen. The word blinks three times.

Variant: For Filmlets, an abridged version of the above logo was used. It starts when the silhouette is filled with lights and "FILMLETS" fades in below "MOVIERECORD".

Technique: Backlit animation and video feedback effects from Dolphin Productions.

Audio: Two different disco stingers, one for each version, based on "wah-wah" guitars and horns.

10th Logo (Early 1980s-Early 1990s)

Visuals: On a moving space background with some blue nebulas passing by, a flash of light quickly forms a diagonal "MOVIERECORD" (in very thin capitals). Two more flashes erase it from the screen. Then "CINE" zooms out and blue lines come from the top and the bottom of the screen, surrounding it. The whole thing flashes, moves sideways, and zooms in. Several multicolored stars with various outlined designs zoom out and merge into a flash, which turns into an outlined star-formed "MOVIERECORD". Then some multicolored "CINE" move across the screen showing various designs. As they appear, a spinning orange star zooms in, and we are taken to the same "MOVIERECORD" seen at the beginning, with the difference that the first O zooms out with a trail that engulfs all the screen instead of just appearing after a quick flash. After the whole word forms, multicolored lights flash in the middle of the screen and the word zooms in. "CINE" and the lines appear again, just moving faster. A pink shadowy object appears on the screen and zooms in to reveal itself as a huge "MOVIERECORD" surrounded by rays of light. Some blue laser beams zoom in as the logo shines twice. Its syllables flash to end the logo.

Technique: Scanimate mixed with cel animation.

Audio: A catchy disco tune made with synthesizers. Has some "laser beam sounds" and a female chorus that sings "Moooooo-vie-re-cord". Composed by Josep Llobell.

Availability: While it is no longer used in theaters, the logo can be seen at the beginning of an episode of "Ochentame otra vez".

Legacy: This logo is famous in Spain for its catchy tune. Many people swear to have sung it along at the cinema (even imitating the laser beam sounds), and it has even been sampled by some DJs (one of these sampled versions enjoyed a moderate chart success in the mid 1990s).

11th Logo (Early 1990s-1998)

Visuals: On a black background, a blue flash of light forms a diagonal glowing "MOVIERECORD", which quickly zooms in. Then some multicolored "CINE"'s move across the screen showing various designs (almost identically to the previous logo), along with a blue clapperboard, a yellow filmreel, a light blue flash of light, an orange filmstrip, and a purple folding chair. A "MOVIERECORD" outlined in yellow zooms in while flickering, and then some drawings of marquees move across the screen. A purple filmstrip can be briefly seen before the image cuts to a zooming out "MO" which is quickly followed by "VIERECORD". "CINE" zooms out as well, as "MOVIERECORD" flashes. Two sets of light blue lines zoom out on the upper part of the screen to form an outlined filmstrip design. A flash of light brings a fancy handwritten "m" in, forming the then current Movierecord logo. A flash of light moves across "MOVIERECORD" and "CINE", and the screen cuts to two sets of multicolored waveforms. Finally, two "m"'s like the one seen before come from the upper and the lower side of the screen, flash and merge to form the finished logo. "MOVIERECORD CINE" zooms out below.

Variant: A short version of this logo that cuts straight to the M forming exists.

Technique: Backlit cel animation.

Audio: Same as the previous logo, but the second "Moooooo-vie-re-cord" isn't sang by a female person, but by singers.

Legacy: This is the most recognizable logo from the company, thanks to the music from the previous logo and the colorful animation.

12th Logo (1998-2014)

Visuals: The image of a red filmstrip flashes quickly to be followed by the image of a light blue iris on a misty light blue and black background. An image of people walking appears sweeping on the iris, and it then turns into a camera lens. The lens - which is projecting a ray of light - pans sideways to show the rest of the objective, which is being hold by a grid-formed, ghostly blue hand. The image then fades to a set of rotating searchlights, as two sets of golden stars fly on to the night sky and form an outlined "MOVIERECORD", and then merge causing a sparkling, fireworks-like, explosion. Immediately, the camera pans down to show a city, stopping in the middle of a very illuminated boulevard with cars passing by. The camera moves forward into it, while the road turns into a filmstrip with each letters on the frame to spell out "MOVIERECORD", and, as it accelerates, the image gets blurry and the syllables "MO", "VIE", "RE", and "CORD" zoom out and dissipate, as a blue filmstrip moves in and twists until it an stylized lowercase "m" in a handwritten font, similar to the previous logo but neater. A yellow line underlines the "m" as "Movierecord" appear quickly one by one to form the finished logo.


  • An early version was used when the logo first premiered. It remained mostly the same, but when we get to the end, the filmstrip instead forms the "M" from the previous logo as parts of the filmstrip from that logo come down and pixelate in. "MOVIERECORD" and "CINE" then slide in from the left and right of the screen, in red but in a different font from before, while a ball of light wipes in the URL below.
  • Later on, the logo was fixed with a brighter shade of blue to make it stand out more from the background, while the URL is added below by appearing in yellow letters.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A re-arranged, more electronic version of the previous jingle.

13th Logo (2014-)

Visuals: On a blue background, a light sends out a series of waves. The background changes to pink, then red. A spiral made out of lights appears, which cycles through the colors of the rainbow. The letters "MO" appear on the screen, made out of lights, followed by "VIE", "RE" and "CORD". Several copies of the words "RECORD" appear. The spiral shifts to another pulsing wavelength, which freezes as the text "MOVIERECORD" flips onto the screen. A light shines on the text, as a cylinder of lights appears from the left. The text flips away and turns into the print logo (Same as the 12th) with "Presenta" below it.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A slow dance-oriented remix of the 10th and 11th logos' jingle with last with last two bars being slightly slowed down.

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