MovieVision (Warning Screen)

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Bumper (1982-1983)

Visuals: On a yellow background, a large red "WARNING" flashes over a blue line, and the following black text scrolls in, pausing when certain lines reach the top:

If you are receiving MovieVision
and not a MovieVision subscriber
you may be in violation of the
Federal Communications Act,Sect.
605 and may be prosecuted.

A crew is canvassing the Sacto
area street by street for
illegal installations. Those
found will be billed for
receiving our programming, those
who do not pay will be subject
to a suit for monetary damages.

We have successfully prosecuted
these cases in Federal Court and
intend to continue.
Sellers of pirate equipment also
have been sued and they have
been ordered by the courts to
cease and desist from selling
this illegal equipment.

Dont let these sellers deceive
you. You are breaking the law if
you are receiving MovieVision
but are not paying a monthly
subscription fee for programming

Technique: Chyron animation.

Audio: None.

Availability: Seen before the start of some movies during this period.

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